Who was Ted Bundy?

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

I watched all four episodes of “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes,” the new Netflix original documentary about the serial killer Ted Bundy. I must say this guy was psy chotic. He came off as good looking, charming and intelligent. But underneath his persuasive personality and looks, he had an urge he couldn’t control. Here’s what happened.

In the middle and late 1970s, in the states of Washington, Oregon, Utah and Colorado, a lot of young girls in their 20s started going missing. The police couldn’t find where they went or who took them at first. At the time, the term “serial killer” wasn’t even in the vocabulary of the American public yet. Eventually at a party in a park, somebody saw a guy take two different girls into his car during the course of the day. They heard him say “Hi, I’m Ted.” For a long time, nobody knew the last name of “Ted.” Girls kept disappearing.

They found out about Bundy eventually and took him to await trial. Bundy kept insisting that he was innocent, using his charming personality and intellect. He jumped out of a window of the place he was being held and escaped into the mountains for a couple days. He returned because he was cold and hungry, and he was held in a cell again.

The second time he escaped custody, he went all the way down to Florida, using a couple different methods of transportation to get there. In Florida, he killed two girls in a sorority at Florida State University. The police caught him in a stolen car and when he was questioned by law enforcement, he wouldn’t reveal his name. Not too long after his arrest, he confessed to police who he was. Bundy made waves in America, especially when he made it onto the FBI’s most wanted list.

I liked this documentary’s visual effects. The zoom-ins of the cassette tapes was cool. For the timeline of events, they showed a tape go through the bottom of a cassette. For example, to go from 1974 to 1980, it made a “ch-chunk” noise and a spindle/tracking sound to fast forward to the future. I enjoyed the Bundy tapes because I enjoy crime and investigation shows. This is why I’m currently binge watching “The X Files.” It’s pretty scary how Bundy was able to get away with a lot of murders at first, with his good looks and personality. This is what made him so insane. How a person could be so manipulative because they are nice to people. But behind the scenes, he was killing a lot of innocent girls. I don’t blame this documentary for portraying Bundy as a nice guy, because you need to show that side of him to see the whole story. While you’re watching this, keep in mind that he was a serial killer. The smile on his face was a manipulative deception.