Can you get through the Escape Room?

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

Escape rooms are a straightforward concept. You just have to find clues hidden around the room to unlock the door. That’s how an escape room works. It’s a fairly simple task, right? But this isn’t an ordinary es cape room. “Escape Room” is a multitude of different rooms that end in either life or death for six people.

The film starts out following a college student named Zoey, who is in the top of her class, but is afraid to speak up. Her professor stops her after class and tells her to try something different over break. That night Zoey has a nightmare and wakes up in the morning gasping for air and covered in sweat. Her roommate is already awake and finishing up packing to go home for break and asks if she’s okay and if she needs anything. When Zoey says no, her roommate starts to leave, but is stopped at the door by a package for Zoey. She hands it to Zoey and leaves right before Zoey pulls out a mysterious puzzle box. The film then shifts to follow Jason, a successful young business trader who just closed a big deal. As a reward for closing the deal, his client sends him a mysterious puzzle box.

The films shifts once again this time following Ben, an alcoholic who works in the back of a grocery store. He asks his manager to let him be up front as a cashier, but his manager dismisses that idea because of his drinking. The next day when Ben comes into work, there’s a mysterious puzzle box there waiting for him. Think ing it is from his manager, Ben starts to try and figure it out. Inside all three of their puzzle boxes are invitations to an escape room where the winner gets $10,000. When the three of them all show up to the Minos Game Room Facility, they meet three other people who all had similar puzzle boxes, Amanda, Danny and Mike.

I saw this movie over the break and it was really captivating. The movie draws you in from the first escape room. I found myself wanting to know more about the characters and their backstories. Not only them, but also the mysterious company that puts this escape room on. Throughout the film there are references to a Dr. Wootan Yu, leaving us wanting/needing to know more. The rooms that the group goes through are very intricate. Much like normal escape rooms with hidden clues strewn about in plain sight, the challenges also in the rooms are intriguing as well. Ranging from ice fishing to grouling heat, the challenges the group must face really push the human body to its limits.

The film received a score of 6.4/10 from IMDb but received only a 48 percent from Rotten Tomatoes. The film does give off more suspense than horror, which is what it was advertised as. While it doesn’t live up to the horror it advertised, “Escape Room” made up for it through its suspense. If you like suspense-filled movies and enjoy puzzles, then I highly recommend “Escape Room.”