Patriots win sixth Super Bowl

Michael Harms , Courier Staff

The New England Patriots took home their sixth Lombardi Trophy and celebrated Tuesday with the rest of Boston on their victory. In the most anticipated game of the year, the Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams, 13-3.

The Rams, who averaged over 30 points per game, scored three points. While this Super Bowl was not flashy, it was highly contested. Some people believe that this may have been the most boring Super Bowl of all-time. People are more enthralled with how many shirts Adam Levine took off at halftime rather than how this Super Bowl will have a dramatic effect on the two organizations involved.

Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick now have six rings. That fact is more impressive once you delve into the details. The only other NFL organization to accomplish this feat are the Pittsburgh Steelers. Since their induction into the NFL, the Steelers have been one of the most dominant NFL teams in the Super Bowl era. Their stretch from 1972-1979 consisted of 87 wins, a 14-4 postseason record and four Super Bowl titles. It took the Steelers another 30 years to accumulate the other two.

Brady was drafted in 2000. Now, only 19 years later, he debates on which fingers to place all his rings on (he has seven if you include his wedding ring). This type of success is beyond greatness, but rather transcends into a new category, supremacy. The Patriots have cemented themselves as the greatest NFL dynasty of all time, and in doing so established Brady as the unanimous greatest football player of all time.

Brady has done everything. There is no a challenge he will not undertake and no task too daunting for him. He beats out all other competition, takes on curses and utterly dominates on the field. Now with the most Super Bowls in NFL history for a single player, there is no touching Brady’s status and place in Canton. A single shrine above all others to signify the greatness of his play and supremacy on the field.

Despite the almost mundane feeling of the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, it will not upend Brady or Belichick. Both individuals have stated this will not be their last football game, and no matter the outcome, they want more. Winning Super Bowl LIII made Brady the oldest quarterback to win the Lombardi trophy, but he wants to set a PR in the age department. Nearing 42, Brady believes he can play for another three years. There are more records for Brady to set, more trophies to fill in the cases and more doubters to prove wrong now that Brady’s biggest opponent becomes Father Time himself.

As the Patriots deal with questions of their greatness and future, the Rams have bitter questions to answer. Losing in the Super Bowl is the hardest pill to swallow. Fail to swallow it correctly and you choke your team and compromise future success and a fan base. Fortunately for the Rams, blueprints are available from multiple teams in the NFL who attempted the same task. For example, after the Denver Broncos lost to the Seattle Seahawks in an embarrassing fashion 43-8, the Broncos had to answer those tough questions. To Denver’s credit they did, in which they blamed the humiliating loss on the coaching staff and fired their head coach John Fox a year later after losing in the first round of the playoffs. They fired their offensive coordinator, Adam Gase along with Fox.

This team transitioned from not being able to leave their Super Bowl mistakes out of mind, to a team capable of winning in a dominant fashion in 2016 over the Carolina Panthers. The Rams will look to deal with their loss similarly. They’ll deal with the pain internally while finding the problem, eliminating it and becoming the best team in the NFL. However, they must be careful to avoid the mistakes other teams have made in the past. The Seahawks still cannot get over their Super Bowl loss to the Patriots to this day, why? Because no one took the blame. Russell Wilson fired off a pass on the goal line that was intercepted and cost the Seahawks the game. Unfortunately, that meant that head coach Pete Carroll decided not to put the ball into the hands of “Beast Mode” aka Marshawn Lynch.

This decision was heavily criticized, but nothing changed. Wilson was not cut, Carroll was not blamed by upper-management and it left the defense up in arms. The Seahawks “Legion of Boom” was the most dominant defense at the time, and they felt that the rest of the team and organization had let them down. They carried that team to a Super Bowl and yet when they failed, the defense had to carry the load once more. Other parts of the team had issues, and yet the team’s best got blamed.

The Rams will have to put the blame somewhere. Will it be on the youngest coach to make it to the Super Bowl Sean McVay? Not likely. The young prospering quarterback Jared Goff? Probably not. Elusive, generational talent Todd Gurley? Yeah right. So, who? For the Rams to make it back they must endure tough times and strenuous situations. This loss will define this team. Will they rise above and make a comeback to stop the dynasty, or dwindle and fade into the abyss of the losers? So who will be at Super Bowl LIV?