Black Widow to be Rated-R

Evan Williamson, Courier Staff

When Scarlet Johansson made her debut as Natasha Romanoff, codename The Black Widow, almost nine years ago in “Iron Man 2,” fans instantly fell in love with her. I’m not going to sugar coat it; the character herself is sexy, powerful and smart. The total package for anyone to fall in love with.

There have been rumors of a solo film for years now and it appears that those plans are finally going into action. Black Widow is different than other superheroes at least in my opinion because her origin story is one that I think is interesting. You can only watch Uncle Ben die so many times, and the vast majority of the others you are like come on let’s get to the superhero part. But I believe an origin movie of Black Widow would be very captivating especially since we have already seen some memories and learned a few things about her past in other movies.

They even showed a similar process in Agent Carter. It would definitely take place after “Captain America: TheFirst Avenger” and maybe “Captain Marvel” depending on how they go about the origin. I know I’m not the only one that wants to see how this little girl from Russia (I guess it would have been the Soviet Union at the time) become an assassin and learn all these skills that we have been seen in recent movies, eventually joining S.H.I.E.L.D.

There has been talk of this being the MCU’s first R-rated movie. There are pros and cons to this decision of course. Do you risk alienating certain groups of fans including younger girls who look up to her in a sense and can handle a PG-13 movie but not an R one? What would warrant an R-rating, language is unnecessary as we have like two-dozenMCU movies that don’t drop  the F-Word at all.

Though they could hold back on the sexual content, she does tend to use her feminine ways to be successful at her missions, in fact, being very at tractive is one of her characteristics. They will probably have sensual scenes and probably some nudity (though most of it will probably not sexualized), so that might warrant that type of rating.

The violence would prob ably be the cause of the rating. Just think about it, the process to become an assassin or soldier of any kind can be awful. According to Marvel, “At a young age she was a part of a Russian training program to turn young girls into lethal undercovered agents called the Red Room.” We already know some of that history: the mental and physical breaking that we see still affects her. The brainwashing, the training, the forced sterilization, a scene itself that is probably disturbing enough to warrant an R-rating.

My previous article was about a series I was reading about an assassin and just how that de scribed the process as terrible; it scars you for life. The benefit I believe, of making it R-rated is so you don’t have to pull back on the disturbing scenes because that’s the point. Seeing her at rock bottom being forced to do missions for the “bad guys” that she is still trying to atone for, helps the audience understand and feel for the character more.

Symbols are powerful and with mental health being a huge problem in this world, having a voice with this movie could put that problem in the front. Black Widow, though an incredible beast, is broken and would have awful PTSD, and seeing the cause of that and seeing her rise up from that would speak volumes, bring empathy to the problem and give some people hope.

With that being said, an R rated origin story of Black Widow will be tough to watch as it should, but don’t rate it that way just to use the f word every other sentence or have buckets of blood and fifty shades of grey it. Make it mean something. I do think, however, that they should also make a version that is not as graphic for younger audiences and more “pure-minded” viewers. I look forward to the movie no matter what it’s rating ends up being.