Underground Cabaret hits Western

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

I went to the Underground Cabaret on Saturday. On the second floor of Simpkins Hall in that little dark theater, the WIU theatre and dance department really put on an impressive talent showcase. This show is put on to honor professor Emeritus Maughn McMurdie, who left a large impact on the depart ment of theater and dance. He taught at Western from 1969 -1992.

The show started with eight theater students singing a song about “another opening of another show” dressed in pink and black barber shop quartet like costumes. Then after that, the host and a guy named James came on stage to announce the next act. The host had to tell James that he can’t be in the show because it’s “already cast.” But then he said to James what he could do is be the co-host. As co-host, he got to announce the next acts and move the furniture. James got excited about the moving furniture idea.

The whole show was filled with great acts and music cal numbers. My favorite was when the two girls who looked just like each other sang about how even though one of them was graduating, they’ll always be there for each other. These two actresses are almost identical in ap pearance, and to be honest I haven’t met them, so I didn’t actually know they were two different people! It seemed like they had collaborated on writing this song themselves. One of them asked the question, “what will I do without my doppelganger?”

Another one of my favorites was a re-creation of “Who’s on First” by Abbott and Costello. It’s where one clueless person asks about who is playing what position in a baseball game, and the other person tells them, but the first base player’s name is “Who.” They added more players, like “What” is on second base, “I Don’t Know” is on third base and so on. It made the audience laugh.

Scholarships were awarded to two of the performers that have been outstanding in the fine arts program, Annie Etchison and Paige Woods. Scholarships are awarded at the Underground Cabaret every year.

One song was about a girl who just moved in to her new apartment, “14G.” She got comfortable and cozy, but then the lady who lives a floor below her started practicing her opera singing. And the lady who lives a floor above her started practicing singing too. The girl couldn’t help but shout “STOP!” When she shouted this, she sang it of course, because it was a song.

I liked this performance because it was smart and en tertaining. I laughed, I cried. I didn’t really cry but some songs really hit me.

All in all, it was a great show with great performances. The students in the fine arts and theater program are really talented and put on a won derful show. It’s always fun to go to these performances. I’m always sure to get a front row seat. Bravo!