Aquaman splashes to the top of the charts

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

“Aquaman” was released on Dec. 21, 2018, and since then has been climbing the charts. “Aquaman” is nearing $1.1 billion in box office sales. “Aquaman” is quickly surpassing the profit of both “Suicide Squad” and “Deadpool 2,” this will make the film 2018’s fifth highest “domestic grosser” according to Forbes.

When “Aquaman” was first announced, there were mixed feelings from potential viewers. Many felt that the film would be a flop, but based on the box sales and ratings from viewers, it has done just the opposite. Though, the film has been granted a low rating of 65 percent from Rotten Tomatoes. One flaw that has been identified is that there are many similarities between “Aquaman” and other various films and works of literature. Throughout the film I kept finding a lot of similarities to King Arthur and Camelot. This was an interesting underlying theme that was present for the entirety of the film. There have also been a lot of comparisons between “Aquaman” and “Thor: Ragnorak” as well as “Aquaman” and “Black Panther.”

Following the origin story of Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, the film starts with the meeting of Arthur’s parents. Set out on the east coast, Queen Atlanna washes ashore at the base of a lighthouse, where Thomas Curry finds her and treats her. The two end up falling in love, causing Atlanna to stay with Thomas rather than return to Atlantis. It is only when Atlantian soldiers come to retrieve her that she finally leaves her family behind. As Arthur grows up he learns that he can communicate with marine animals and can breathe underwater. The film shifts to present-day where we see Arthur (played by Jason Momoa) save a submarine from a group of pirates. This is where the viewers meet his comic book archnemesis: Black Manta.

When Arthur returns home to visit his father, he is visited by Mera, a princess of one of the seven underwater kingdoms engaged to Arthur’s half-brother Orm. She asks that Arthur comes with her to Atlantis to challenge his brother’s right to the Atlantian throne. After Arthur refuses, a giant wave crashes onto the road almost killing his father. Mera saves Thomas, persuading Arthur to agree to come back with her to Atlantis. The film then follows his quest for the Trident of the first Atlantian King.

I saw the film last weekend and absolutely loved it. The film was suspenseful and beautifully put together. Animation and film both came together to make this production directed by James Wan. The scenery throughout the whole film was captivating, as well as the complex storyline. There is both a romantic as well as a heroic storyline, which makes “Aquaman” appeal to all types of viewers, even those who may not be interested in superheroes originally.

I highly recommend seeing “Aquaman” if you haven’t already. Or even if you have, go see it again! Providing viewers with everything they might need, “Aquaman” has it all. Just don’t try and hold your breath during the underwater parts (it won’t work, trust me).