It’s too cold for models to do photoshoots outside

Jason Adams, Courier Staff

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The weather seemed to have warmed up this past weekend. For those of us that have made it through the polar vortex, now is the time to reflect and be grateful that we only had to put up with the cold for a week.

While most people did the sane and rational thing to stay indoors in this frostbite-inducing cold some people decided to go out and have photoshoots, in swimsuits. Some of these people who decided to bare themselves out in the cold, are prominent models and style bloggers who have thousands of followers. The temperatures this past week reached 40 to 50 degrees below zero with wind chill, a temperature that can bring on frostbite and frostbite symptoms to exposed skin in as little as five minutes. Generally, most swimsuits expose decent amounts of skin, which is the point of swimsuits. While you may have snapped a few good pictures, the risk to you and your health isn’t worth the product.

The modeling and fashion industry has never had a good reputation when it comes to practicing and maintaining a “good” figure and backdrop conditions. The undereating, extreme dieting and many other dangerous practices aren’t exactly new. Even in Hollywood, actors and actresses have been known to put a lot of strain on their body for a certain look; sometimes eating minimally and not drinking water for a day or two. They’ve been in the spotlight for years with many agencies making efforts to improve model safety. Now with social media, there are more opportunities to model and post pictures leading to a surging number of independent models and style bloggers. Apps like Instagram and Snapchat allow anyone to make an account, post pictures instantly and receive thousands of followers in short amount of time. What becomes concerning is when we see individuals who do things like go out in the polar vortex for a photoshoot to get that great backdrop. With an ever increasing number of modeling and styling accounts, there is an increased pressure to distinguish yourself from other models and to get the best shot. This can lead to dangerous practices such as going out in below zero weather in a swimsuit. The shot might look good, but it’s not worth getting frostbite.

Not only can it hurt their physical health but their mental health as well. They are trying to maintain a certain look and figure, as well as possibly stressing their body for a good shot. Unlike models of the past they get feedback on their photos instantly. Instagram and Snapchat allow for instant posting but also instant comments. Too many negative comments can lead to photoshoots and pictures that push even more. You can’t put your health on the line for more likes. It’s not safe, and it will only end up hurting you in the long run.

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