The Joker is back

Brie Coder, Courier Staff

For a very long time now, fans of the DC Universe have been picked on for supporting the comic book company and it’s not so great live action movies.

This might change, however, because DC is creating a new live action film that may be darker than the ones they have created before.

As of September 2018, teaser previews have been uploaded of a man (Joaquin Phoenix) standing in front of a clear background, with images coming across his face showing how an average man goes from living a typical 9-5 life to becoming the psychotic clown we have all grown to love, the Joker. Halfway through the preview, Phoenix transforms from average Joe to the Joker himself by showing his big wide smile at first as his normal self, and then in his clown makeup.

In the next scene of that same preview, fans see a very disgruntled Phoenix leaving a graffiti covered building and walking down the street. Halfway down the street, a man comes out chasing Phoenix. The man chasing him is wearing the typical clown attire (big red nose, white makeup, suspenders and big shoes). What makes this teaser great is the fact that the conversation between the two men is muted. No one has any idea what is said.

Another preview that was released shows Phoenix at a subway station waiting for a train. When the train pulls up, there are some clowns on the train that are holding signs such as “kill the rich.” Phoenix, dressed in his Joker costume, walks onto the train and within a few seconds, tons of citizens are running off the train. So far all we know is that the movie is called “Joker” and that it’ll be released Oct. 4. The next question that fans are asking is which Joker is Phoenix portraying? His attire looks like the original Joker costume worn by Cesar Romero’s in the original “Batman” TV series from the late 60’s (yes the one that Adam West played in as Batman). However, his body language portrays a little bit of Jack Nicholson’s version of the Joker in “Batman” from 1989 and Heath Ledger’s chilling version from “The Dark Knight” in 2008.

The real question though is, is this Joker going to be completely different from the ones we have seen before? We haven’t seen the version of the Joker like the one made in the 1988 graphic novel “The Killing Joke.”

For those who don’t know the story behind “The Killing Joke,” it tells Joker’s backstory as an engineer who decides to quit his job and become a low end standup comedian. He is a family man that is at the time trying to take care of his pregnant wife, but just completely loses it. He starts turning to crime to make more money to support his growing family. What shocks readers in this comic is how psychologically insane he can get.The levels he crosses are so dark that the Joker we grew up loving doesn’t even compare to the one created in this story.

Even though DC made an animated version of “The Killing Joke” back in 2016, this does not mean that the current “Joker” won’t shed more light and detail on this side of him. It’s an exciting time to be a DC fan because we as fans of the product could be seeing one of the best live action films DC has produced in a long time.