Don’t get snatched up by this Netflix series

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer


Netflix has been notorious as of late for its original shows and movies, though there is one that sticks out among the others. “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” is rewriting the boundaries of viewer-film instructiveness. “Bandersnatch” is an interactive “choose your own adventure” movie. Viewers have the opportunity to make choices while watching the movie that dictate the overall ending of the film.

With five core endings and many different variations of each ending, viewers have been engrossed in trying to find and view eachending for themselves. “Bandersnatch” does not have a specific run-time as it depends on the paths and choices the viewer chooses while watching. “Bandersnatch” can be as short as 30-40 minutes, though it takes a normal viewer about 90 minutes to complete their storyline. In total there is five hours of “Bandersnatch” footage available on Netflix, unfortunately all five hours cannot be viewed in the same “run through” of the film. Because of this, many fans are watching the show to see all the possible outcomes and endings, and it has been noted that a fan has created a “map” of all choices and possible endings within the “Bandersnatch” film. “Bandersnatch” is not only instigating a movement in film culture, but also has a very telling storyline.

“Bandersnatch” is a segment of the “Black Mirror” series on Netflix, and was released on Dec. 28, 2018. “Black Mirror” is a Netflix original series, which has many different episodes full of suspense and drama for viewers to enjoy. “Bandersnatch” is no different, as it is also full of the same suspense, drama and twisted aspects that makes “Black Mirror” so unique. “Bandersnatch” focuses on a young programmer named Stefan, who embarks on his path to creating a videogame ironically called “Bandersnatch,” based off a “choose your own adventure” book that Stefan had read. While racing the clock to meet a tight deadline on the “choose your own adventure game,” Stefan begins to spiral down a dark path of paranoia and depression. “Bandersnatch” follows programmer Stefan on his mission to create his video game.

“Bandersnatch” has been a very talked about film, as it is different from many of the other movies that Netflix has put out. “Bandersnatch” has a review of 74 percent from the film critic website Rotten Tomatoes and has been liked by 87 percent of Google users. I found “Bandersnatch” to be particularly interesting due to its new spin on what a film can do. There were times in this film where the fourth wall was broken, which is something that I found really cool. I think the best aspect of the film was that viewers are only given roughly 10 seconds to make their decisions, or else the film picks for you. With all its twists and turns, viewers tend to think about what may arise due to their decision causing them to lose out on picking. It happened to me a couple of times which led to vastly different consequences.

Overall, this film is extremely engrossing; so if you plan to watch it make sure you have the time to explore all of the different outcomes!