Western will never be the same

London Rivers, Courier Staff

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As many seniors near graduation this upcoming spring, I can’t help but to reminisce about my previous years here at Western, and think about how things won’t ever be the same.

Since I’ve been at Western for all four years of my college career, I have been able to witness the many changes and challenges that this institution has experienced. Looking back at my first year at Western, I can honestly say that I had the time of my life. There were so many events and gatherings to enjoy. Staying up until four in the morning only to have to wake up for an 8a.m. class the next day wasn’t as much of a hassle as it is now. Parties were frequent and enjoyable, and we as students didn’t have a care in the world. However, as the years have passed, the experiences have died down, and I find myself undergoing the same routine every day of the week. The thrill of college is what made the experience most memorable, and now all I find myself having are those memories to think back to, because Western has definitely changed.

Hearing that North Quad would be closing was unfortunate, but not surprising to say the least. Aside from losing funding, Western has lost its wit. We’re not as influential and enticing to the eye and mind as we used to be. Students may consider the educational opportunities when choosing a college to attend to, however a positive and worthwhile student life should also

be something offered on the campus of their choosing, but it seems that Western doesn’t have that anymore. Yes, we’re trying to make the most of the cards we’re dealt, but we can only do so much. The student population used to be high enough to not question hard times to come. Yet, here we are at hard times and students are either not returning or not wanting to come to Western at all which is causing a decline in the population each semester. Yes, change is a constant thing, but to see this once flourishing and lively campus become so dull is honestly sad to see when you know the potential it once had.

I will always appreciate the experiences and the connections that I’ve been given here at Western, but that spark that I once had about college is no longer there. College is indeed what you make it, but what happens when there are no tools or resources to make anything with? We’re still standing as a community which is commendable, but things won’t ever be the same if we don’t make the necessary changes to give students the desire to be here anymore. We need the unforgettable experiences back and I’m not just talking about free chicken sandwiches at Chick-fil-a every Friday before class, although that wouldn’t hurt. What I’m saying is that we need to find that spark that Western once had. I miss the old days and it would be nice to have them back.

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