365 Nutrition Macomb is open for business

Marc Ramirez, Edge Editor

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Kristin Talley a Western Illinois University graduate and her business 365 Nutrition Macomb, were welcomed with open arms by the community after opening on Dec. 10. 365 Nutrition Macomb is located on 1061 W. Jackson St. Suite 101, Macomb, Ill.

Talley graduated in 2018 with her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with a minor in nutrition. Since then, she’s used her degree to help better the lives of people within the Western community by providing nutritious drinks and encouraging people to reach their health goals.

“Since opening, business has been booming,” Talley said. “We’ve made way more in sales than I ever expected, but even better, the more people we get in here the more lives and healths we are affecting.”

When entering the store, all the empty canisters and boxes along the wall symbolize all the help that has gone into helping the Leatherneck community reach their health goals. Talley said that there were even more on display, but they just didn’t make the aesthetic cut.

The store opened during finals week, four days before the University closed for break. The company was still able to thrive during a time when students were away from campus.

“We were able to survive break with the support received through the Macomb community,” Talley said. “Most companies see a huge dip in their numbers over breaks, we didn’t really see a lot of that which is great.”

The store has a variety of drinks for sale, all of which help fuel the body in a delicious guilt-free way. Aloe shots, teas, boosted teas and shakes are available in a wide-variety of flavors. People can also purchase a full service, a combination of all drinks for new customers to have the full experience.

“Something I would tell people who have yet to come in would be to come in and try,” Talley said. “I would strongly recommend trying our full service if it’s your first time coming in.”

365 Nutrition Macomb also introduced a play area for infants and toddlers to play in while their parents stop in for a drink to kick-start their workout.

Talley explains that customers who are parents and don’t have their kids in school don’t have to worry about bringing their children in the store but if they do, there is an area for children to stay at if parents want to pick up a drink for the day.

“Moms want to meet up and talk this is a perfect place to do it,” Talley said. “We are a very family oriented business and by looking at our staff and customers proves it.”

365 Nutrition Macomb also has a convenient study area for students to come in, lounge around and do homework with tables and chairs set up for a study area.

Talley encourages customers to come in at anytime, however if she’s not in the store to help, she explained that she has a friendly and welcoming staff who are able to answer any questions people have. Workers at 365 Nutrition Macomb are knowledgeable about the products and can explain the nutritional facts to the customers.

In addition, Talley also explained that the business will soon begin a result wall, showcasing the staff and frequent customers results as inspiration for new customers to continue coming in and encouraging them to also live a healthy lifestyle.

The ambitious 22- year-old hopes to have her second location open up sometime in July.

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