WIU should have a student thrift store

Melanie Kelly, Courier Staff

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Many college students are broke and cannot afford to buy brand new clothes that they may need for interviews or just for class. There is a local Goodwill in Macomb but its very small. I think Western Illinois University should implement a student thrift store, where students can donate old clothes or dorm accessories to be sold to other students at discount price.

Another way the thrift store could help students is by buying old and used textbooks from other students. Buying used textbooks is a great way to buy books without breaking your bank. The thrift store could be placed in the Union so it is in a convenient location. If students donated. The clothes would be more aimed toward our age range. If someone donated some old business casual clothes, that could be bought by a student who can not afford them at full price. It would also make more jobs on campus by having the store be student-ran.

I think this would be a great idea because students can feel good about donating their things and know that it will go to good use to someone else on campus. Dorm decor could also be donated and reused, because let’s face it once you graduate you do not need half of the stuff that you decorated your dorm with. Freshmen could save a lot of money on decor for their rooms if they just reuse old room decor, as well as past students textbooks. I think the store would be good for Western. I think it would be a positive thing for students to interact with. If students have an hour between classes and just need something to do they can go look around the store. The bookstore in the Union now is great but let’s be honest, it is very pricey. The store could make the University more money as well. All the money made from the thrift store could benefit other aspects of the university. This thrift store would also bring students closer together. We all could just make sure everyone has what they need.

A senior could tell freshmen what books they actually need for classes, and which ones they did not really use in the same classes. Upperclassmen could also help students with clothing recommendations for job fairs and interviews. The store could give away free notebooks and school supplies as well if it is donated, so students who can not afford some items for their classes do not have to panic. Students could also get discounted Western Illinois apparel for games and events at a lower price then the bookstore has them listed for.

I believe this store would benefit the students and the school. I think it would make quite a profit while still having discounted items and great quality items and textbooks. Students could have leadership roles in running the business and also the great feeling of knowing they are helping out students in need and students who just want to save an extra dollar or two.

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