Student Government Association announces restructuring

Marc Ramirez, Edge Editor

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The Student Government Association at Western Illinois University held their first general assembly meeting of 2019 on Tuesday, where the new restructuring of the organization was explained to all in attendance.

According to President Grant Reed, Attorney General Kelly Rodger, Speaker of the Senate Aaron Steele, Vice President Madison Lynn and himself met several times over the break to discuss the new plan of restructuring the association.

The structural change consists of two types of meetings occurring on alternating Tuesday’s. A formal business meeting, as conducted this week, will still begin at 7 p.m., and the general assembly meeting will be run at its typical time. On off weeks, the meeting will be a committee meeting, a time where Senators would attend their assigned committee and actively work to draft legislation and present it before the Student Government Association, an action that lacked last semester.

“Next week will be our first committee week so we will not make you guys dress business casual but ask that people wear a collared shirt, jeans and tennis shoes,” Reed said.

During the new committee weeks, committees will have a structure time during meetings to participate in discussions regarding their things related to their committee and present ideas that would create a positive contribution to Western.

Reed also announced that on committee weeks, Senators- At-Large will now be required to attend the last 15 minutes of the SGA cabinet meeting which takes place immediately before the weekly meetings at 7 p.m. In this time, they will be required to give a report explaining what they have done the week before to satisfy their position as Senators-At-Large. This can include organizations visited or contacted, progress on legislation ideas, outreach efforts, senators collaborated with, campus issues and discussion topics, what is going on in your committees, etc.

Office hours and attending them was another point brought up during the meeting. It was made clear that office hours are constitutionally required for Senators-At-Large and that each should have three to five hours logged into the Student Organization center per week.

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