Believe In Soulmates? Survey Shows You’re Not Alone


(NAPSI)—If you believe everyone has a someone, somewhere—you’re not alone. According to a poll by Wakefield Research, 76 percent believe in soulmates—with millennials leading the way at 84 percent.

For more than one in three, however, true love has not yet come along and 71 percent of those don’t like their chances of finding it this year, either. Yet, nearly two in three feel soulmates are a reality rather than a fantasy.

So how do you avoid soulmate sadness and find the one for you? Outlook On Love: The Soulmate Survey, conducted for the experts on romance at Princess Cruises, revealed five insights from respondents who were asked to do some soul-searching and share their romantic journeys. Here are a few findings you may love to learn about:

Love at First Sight? Maybe. Sometimes it takes several tries to find that perfect someone, and there’s no shame in that. On average, people report four relationships before finding their soulmate. When it happens, however, 65 percent feel that a person knows right away. Even more millennials—72 percent—think that way.

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places? Americans having trouble finding a soulmate may be looking in the wrong direction. The most popular reported places were social media or dating sites (43 percent), at work (42 percent), and at bars and clubs (35 percent).

Only 30 percent look for their soulmate while traveling, suggesting that perhaps it’s time to consider looking for someone on the warm sand or the high seas; for example, on a cruise ship. One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises, has long been a leader in love on the high seas, thanks to its heritage as the backdrop of the iconic “The Love Boat” television series.

The Bright Side. The good news is that true love is far from dead. Ninety-five percent of people in a relationship say their current partner is their soulmate.

Dive Heart First. Have you ever eyed someone from afar and wondered if that person was “the one”? More than one in three regret not introducing themselves to that possible soulmate and half of millennials definitely regret it. It all adds up to taking a chance when the feeling hits.

Famous Soulmates. So, to whom do Americans turn for soulmate inspiration? Nearly half of Americans (47 percent) agreed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the “Best Soulmates.”

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