It’s been swell, but farewell-love Haley

Haley Richards, Sports Editor

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I am slightly sad that my last article in the Courier has to be a goodbye and not a sports article, but here we go.

I came to Western Illinois as a transfer student, so from the start I have felt like an odd ball at the University. For the first three years here, soccer consumed my life. It was all I knew, I will always be grateful for the opportunity to play collegiate sports but last year, I finally realized my life was bigger than soccer.

In the Sept. 2017, I stopped playing soccer for the first time in 17 years. A week later, I knew I couldn’t go without sports in my life, so I decided to apply to be a sports writer for the Courier. Even if I couldn’t play anymore, at least I could write about what I was so very passionate about. At first, I covered men’s soccer, because it was the sport I was most knowledgeable in. However, I began to cover more and more sports as the semester continued. A year ago, I found a new passion for writing and sports that I had never had before and I owe it all to the Courier. It might sound extremely cheesy, but it’s true.

After one semester as a writer, I was lucky enough to be hired as assistant sports editor. Last semester, working under Devon Greene (shout out to our current Editor in Chief), was one of the most enjoyable semesters in my entire college career. Even though I only saw my coworkers three times a week, it is amazing the bonds you can form.

This year was my first and only semester working as the main sports editor and it has taught me so much. Not only about myself but about other people. I have made so many close friends from working at the Courier and that is the best thing I’ve gained. The work experience might look good on a resume but the memories that I’ve made while working are the things I will keep closest to my heart. I don’t want to get sappy in this message, but I just want to say thank you to each and every single person at the Courier.

When working for a newspaper, you realize just how much other people play a role in your job. I couldn’t have had a good sports page if it wasn’t for Becca Langys taking amazing action shots, or Brie Coder re-reading thousand word sports columns every day, or Jimmy Pierson making the graphics to add a spark to the page. I also want to say thank you to my sports writers. They were awesome this semester too, and made my job not only easier, but fun. I was definitely thankful for my assistant, Bradley Piros. He covered the sports that no one wanted to and was the first person that shared a passion of soccer with me. And lastly, thanks to Will, our advisor, for helping me become a better writer. I am sad to be moving on but I am forever thankful for the opportunities and the memories that I have been left with from the Courier.

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