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What to do to finish the semester strong

London Rivers, Courier Staff

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Well we’re back again during that time of the semester where homework is becoming scarce and final exams are making a comeback. However, it’s important not to overwhelm ourselves as this semester comes to a close.

Before you go crazy about assignments needing to be completed and final exam study guides, tell yourself to, “Stop, drop, and calm down.” Yes college is stressful, but I’ve said before, how much stress that you put on yourself is up to you. Professors are a little more lenient and understanding during this time of the semester, but don’t always count on that. Get your work done and follow through with your assignments. Take two or three more looks at your syllabi before the end of the semester to ensure that everything is up to par. Professors may be understanding, however we are still adults and need to take responsibility for our own education. As seniors prepare to graduate, we all want to make note of our time. Graduation may not be this semester for many of us, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come sooner than we think. The real world is still out there outside of our small island of Macomb, so we need to get prepared now.

How do we get prepared? Take time-management seriously. College is a resourceful way to practice getting to class, events and or meetings on time. I should be the last person speaking on this matter considering how much of a challenge it was for me this semester. However, at least I know that it is something that I do need to work on. But back to our scheduled program. Time-management can solve the problems we have with going to bed on time, completing assignments when they’re do if not sooner, getting to work on time and or preparation for our day to day schedules. I know that college students major in procrastination 101, but that excuse is not going to be acceptable beyond these classrooms when it’s time for us to enter the corporate world. Make each day count now so that when exam time comes around each semester, the panic becomes less strenuous and more relaxing.

As a senior, I find myself stressing less because it’s been the same each year trying to squeeze in last minute assignments and extra credit points.

So, I’ve concluded that instead of stressing about the same things each year, I’m going to take some time to collect my thoughts and wind my brain down, and I encourage you to do the same. I know life isn’t all fun and games but that doesn’t mean it has to be sad and gloomy either. Each day is what you make it. So, find those study guides, and pull out those textbooks that have been collecting dust all semester and get to work. We will pass these exams and we will be successful because anything else wouldn’t seem right. Let’s make the most of our time and finish out this semester strong.

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What to do to finish the semester strong