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Ensuring safe travels home for the holidays!

Justin Halas, Courier Staff

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With the semester coming to an end, a lot of us will be traveling home for winter break. I just wanted to take this time to encourage safe travels and to take necessary steps while traveling.

Make sure to start your car prior to leaving to allow yourself a warm ride. Be sure to have a blanket in the back just to ensure warmth during a possible emergency. Make sure to bring water and something that you could snack on like a couple of granola bars. Do not leave the water in the vehicle after you reach your destination, I know it seems like common sense, but I have had friends who forgot it and had the water freeze when they needed it. Be sure to maintain a safe distance when driving. Understand that breaking distances change with snow and ice. It is also important to know what your vehicle can handle, if you have a vehicle that does not do well in the snow, try to wait until roads are clearer to prevent an accident. If you have a friend who has a truck or other type of vehicle with four-wheel drive, try to ask them for a ride. Ensure your tires are at the proper psi and that your tires are appropriate for the weather.

I understand finances may not allow you to get yourself tires more suitable for the weather, so just try your best to make sure road conditions are good enough for your tires. When it becomes closer to Christmas and New Year’s, be cautious of drunk drivers. If you happen to encounter someone who may seem drunk, just pull to the side and let them go by, if they are in front of you, just slow down to a distance where you feel safe. If the driver seems extremely impaired and is a danger to themselves or others, for example, going in and out of both lanes or speeding, try to report the vehicle by pulling over, calling 9-1-1 and letting a dispatcher know about the driver, it may save a life.

Lastly, avoid drivers with road rage as much as possible. If a driver is driving up on you and riding your tail, just let them pass. If you get cut off, just slow down and allow the driver to continue. An accident is not worth getting the last word in during a road rage incident. Also, no class or meeting is worth getting into an accident for; if the road conditions are bad on your way back for the semester, just wait until the roads clear up, your professor will understand. After all they just want you to be safe and successful in your college career. With all of that being said, I hope for a great finals week for everybody and safe travels home for the holidays and safe travels back for the spring semester.

For those who are graduating after this semester, congratulations and I wish you the best on all your future endeavors. Happy Holidays!

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Ensuring safe travels home for the holidays!