Do you need a study spot?

Melanie Kelly, Courier Staff

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As a student who has class all day, I can only study during the evening and night time. The library is a great resource, but sometimes I need somewhere different to study.

Places like The Study on the square and other coffee shops are great places to study. The only problem in Macomb is that all coffee shops close around 8p.m. I feel that if a business were to open a study lounge that stayed open until 11 p.m. or midnight that students would study more. A place with coffee and drinks and nice study vibes would draw in a lot of students who do not feel like going to the library. There needs to be places that will boost students’ moods and motivate them to want to study while also socializing and hanging in a cozy place that doesn’t have fluorescent lighting and isn’t crowded. I know that I love studying in coffee shops in Macomb instead of the library.

I know first hand that studying in your dorm, apartment or the library can get very repetitive and you begin to dread studying and doing work. I feel that if students would spend the extra couple of dollars on coffee and a sit down in cool place to get work done, especially with stressful times like midterms and finals they would get more accomplished. Macomb has really cool coffee shops to study in during the day, but none to go to during the night time besides the library. Even a place that would offer food late at night would make great business. Western would also be helping students by making Dividends be open later in the day to study at, that way students could use their swipes instead of cash on coffee and snacks and have access to free wifi.

The library could open a coffee shop in the basement or by the entrance and attract more students to study there as well, or even a snack bar instead of the vending machines. There needs to be more options for study spaces for students on campus. In addition to this idea, I think it would be cool to have the Union open Einsteins and the C-Store on busy times like midterms and finals at night. That way people can go to the Union to study and drink coffee or eat at the same time. The same boring places to study will hardly motivate anyone during this time of the year. There needs to be places that are willing to be open late to accommodate the population of college students in Macomb. Department study sessions would be another great way to mix up the way of studying. Each department could hold a study night, where for example all psychology students could go to Waggoner for food and for tutoring or just to study with classmates that are in the same classes together.

There are many ways to implement a better environment for studying and I hope one of the above ideas sparked someone’s interest and something changes.

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