I want you.. To start taking your job seriously!

Allison Young , Opinions Editor

At the beginning of the semester I started a new job as the opinions editor at the Western Courier. This job has provided me many opportunities and has taught me so much about working with people. Some days my job can be very challenging due to the lack of responses I receive from writers. I think that my biggest pet peeve about this job is that people do not choose to communicate with me until the last minute or they do not communicate with me at all.

Every week I try to send out an email on Sunday with the schedule for the week; it does not always get out on Sunday but I always have an email out by Monday. I never in a million years thought that I would have so many problems with college students turning in things on time. All of my writers know that I am pretty flexible but I do not feel like any of them take advantage of it. If my writers ever have any problems all I ask is to have open communication and let me know what’s going on. There have been more than a handful of times when I do not get emails until right before things are due. Words do not even express how frustrating this is as a boss.

I take my job very seriously at the Courier and I feel as if some of my writers do not. It is a slap in the face to me and it is hard to fill space in the paper when I do not receive my articles. I find this behavior to be unprofessional and I am fed up with it. Personally, I would not go out into a job and not do what I am getting paid to do. Trust me I have had the position of a writer before, and I know that things come up and life happens. But the professional and responsible thing to do is have open communication about it.

Ultimately, I love my job and I have learned so many skills from working with others. Not all of my writers are irresponsible, and I appreciate those people who take their work seriously. Having only nine people write for the opinions section each week can be a struggle but most weeks we make it work. I am always looking for new people to write for me and if anyone is interested please shoot me an email. I love working with all of my writers even though it is a bit stressful some days.