Netflix releases Mystery Science

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

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“Mystery Science Theater 3000” is a 90’s TV show where a man and two robots sit in a movie theater and riff on B Movies, which are movies that are low-budget and don’t make it to the theater. It returned for a new season last year as a reboot.

In the not too distant future (next Sunday, A.D.), another season is coming to Netflix. It’s season two of “MST3K: The Return.” They’ll be watching and making fun of the E.T. rip off from the 80s called “Mac and Me.” This follows a trend of them making fun of B Movie rip offs of popular movies. Last season they watched the horrible 1978 Star Wars rip off called “Starcrash.” There wasn’t a plot at all in that movie. The funniest gag was when they said one of the rooms in the movie looked like a laundromat. The episodes are usually the length of the movie they are watching. A bubblegum machine robot named Tom Servo, and a golden sarcastic robot named Crow accompany a guy named Jonah. All they do is sit in a movie theater and make fun of bad movies, usually from the 20th century. You see them at the corner of the screen, sitting in movie theater seats. Their jokes are pretty funny. Last season, they watched a bad 1950s sci-fi movie in which some scientists literally open a window to the future in their lab. They step through it and end up in 2077. They find some people who are trying to launch a rocket. The plot becomes lazy. One of the actors from that terrible 1950s science fiction film appears in the next episode’s movie, which is a 70s ski resort movie called “Avalanche.”

For season two, here is the list of movies they’ll be watching: “After Mac and Me” they’ll watch “Atlantic Rim” (2013), obviously it’s a Pacific Rim rip off. “Lords of the Deep” (1989) is next. This one is an undersea science fiction thriller. In “The Day Time Ended” (1980), a family encounters extraterrestrials that whisk them back to the prehistoric times. Next, they’ll be making fun of “Killer Fish” (1979). Apparently, this is an under the sea jewel heist. They’ll be watching “Ator, The Fighting Eagle” (1982), which is a rip off of “Conan: The Barbarian.” Exciting times are ahead for MST3K fans. On, you can watch them on the Rifftrax channel pretty much 24/7. My favorite episodes from the original 90s series have to be “Pod People” and “Manos: The Hands of Fate.” It’s a terrible 1960s film that doesn’t make sense, but the jokes are hilarious. Also, “Laserblast” and “Werewolf” have great jokes too.

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