The Lion King

Tea Wheat , Courier Staff

On Thanksgiving Day, Walt Disney Pictures released the teaser trailer for the live-action production of “The Lion King,” due to premiere in July of 2019. In just 24 hours, the trailer for this production had been viewed 224.6 million times, according to, making it the second most viewed movie trailer.

Fans across the world are roaring with anticipation for this new interpretation of the classic Disney film. The animation shown in the trailer underscores that the movie will make you forget it is not really live-action. Fans have even created a side-by-side play through of the scenes from the trailer andthose same scenes from the 1994 Disney production. It is absolutely stunning how amazing animation and CGI has come, and that progress shows immensely in the new Lion King trailer. In addition to the animation, one of the primary contents of the trailer that has fans going wild is that James Earl Jones, the original voice of Mufasa, is featured again as a narrator in the upcoming film.

The teaser trailer opens to the golden sunrise on the open savannah plains, and then cuts to various scenes of savannah animals in their daily lives, followed by the narration from Jones. The narration is that of the famous words of Mufasa to young Simba, teaching him about the kingdom and that one day, Simba will be king. One frame of the trailer is young Simba’s paw stepping in the paw-print of his father, alluding to the inevitable truth that one day his father will pass away and he will fill his shoes as king. The trailer then cuts to black before reopening to the beginning scene of the original Lion King with “The Circle of Life” playing in the background. Showing the iconic scene of Rafiki holding Simba up on the large rock. The trailer then cuts to “The Lion King” title screen and a mini-credit reel with all thenames of those who going to be a part of the 2019 film. The teaser-trailer ends with Mufasa’s voice saying “remember” and a lion is pictured letting off a mighty roar with an ominous sky falling behind him.

From the animation to the cast and everything in between, the new Lion King appears to be an extremely promising re-make of the original. Fans are more than thrilled in response to this trailer and it seems that everyone has seen the trailer and is anticipating the release.

The live-action version of “The Lion King” will be in theatres on July 19, 2019, and there is nodoubt that fans will be stampeding towards the theaters to see this new film.