All high schoolers should take self-defense

Allison Young , Opinions Editor

Unfortunately in the world we live in, abductions, rape and murders of young women have become what some would call a trend. For as long as I can remember my parents have taught me to be aware of my surroundings when I go anywhere; of course, when children are younger they are taught the dangers of leaving their parents side, but it has become much more than that within the last few years. My parents tell me more now than they ever have to pay attention to who or what is going on around me because of the recent incidences that have been happening to young women. It is sad how popular these events have become, but it is what the world is coming to and women everywhere need to be careful. Young women should have to take a self-defense class in high school to graduate with a diploma.

As a high schooler, I never imaged a world where I would have to think about defending myself because I grew up in a very small town where things like that did not happen. But at my school, the National Guard came to physical education class once a semester. One of the times they came, I had the option to take a self-defense mini session with some of the National Guard men. I only took the short 45-minute class for fun, not because I was required to. I had so much fun learning these different techniques, but when I moved to college, I realized how useful a class like this would be to young women everywhere. Adding self-defense classes to the curriculum would not only be something that would benefit young women, but it would also be a physical activity as well. There are several different ways that this strategy could be implemented into the school system, but there is one way in particular that would be most beneficial to students and teachers.

Physical education classes in high schools should have a unit every semester where females must take self-defense classes. With the school providing this opportunity for young women, it would make them better equipped to handle situations where they feel threatened. The reason that a small portion of the class should be used instead of making an entire class for it would be that it would not take an entire semester for a class that can be taken in just a few weeks.

There would be a lot of work to put into making this something that schools would implement but because of recent events it would be beneficial to make all students take a self-defense class.