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Back-to-back classes only cause problems

Karolina Orszulak, Courier Staff

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Since the beginning of your education, students have had class from 8 a.m. to about 3 p.m. every single day.

Starting in middle school, you had more leeway as to what classes you would like to take and at which time. Although there was a little more freedom, students still needed to take classes back-to-back meaning there was little to no time for breaks between classes. When coming to college, one of the best things that is offered to students is the option to create your own schedule. If you want to start at 8 a.m. you are more than welcome to. If you wanted your days to start later in the day like at 11 a.m., that is also possible. Universities gives students a lot of freedom when it comes to creating their own schedules. If you are like me and want to get all your classes done and over with in the morning, you will schedule your classes back-to-back staring early in the morning and ending in the morning, but is this tactic a good idea?

Some students want to get everything over with right in the morning, meaning they do not mind taking classes back to back. With that form of scheduling there is no breaks between classes where students can eat lunch, take a nap or just simply take a breather after a tough class and relax. What I have discovered is that taking classes’ back-to-back is not a good scheduling method. To start with, students only have 10 minutes to get from one class to another. Although that may seem like a good amount of time, it doesn’t exactly work when a student is taking math in Morgan Hall and has to get to English class all the way across campus in Simpkins Hall. In this scenario, a student will not stop thinking about when and how they are going to get to class on time. This may result in the student possibly needing to leave Math early in order to make it to English class which can cause the student to miss valuable information and even get points taken off for attendance. If the student had at least 30 minutes or an hour break between these two classes, they would get to class on time and with tons of minutes to spare.

Another reason why having classes back to back is not a good strategy for students is because something that I hear a lot is that students tend to skip class in order to study for a test for their next class. If these students were given a break before their class, they would study during that break instead of skipping the class before in order to study. Breaks between classes give students the chance to process the information they just learned from the class before. It also gives students a chance to take a little needed break from a stressful class. With that being said, I think it is important for students to have more than a 10-minute break between their classes.

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Back-to-back classes only cause problems