Overwatch adds new character

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

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Overwatch, a popular online first-person shooter, is adding a new “Hero” character to their lineup named Ashe. When you play the game, you can select one of 29 playable characters, all with different weapons and abilities. Ashe will be the 30th character to be able to play as. Ashe has a gun called The Viper, which is a semi-automatic rifle that fires quick shots. She can also aim down the sights for a more precise and damaging shot. She has dynamite, an explosive that lights enemies on fire. The enemies in the blast radius take fire damage over time. Every character in Overwatch has a super-ability called their “Ultimate,” which you can only use once in a while. Ashe’s Ultimate is called B.O.B., and when used she can summon her sidekick robot to charge forward and knock enemies skyward. He then shoots them while they are in the air.

I usually don’t care about the lore, or backstory of Overwatch or its characters. However, for whatever reason, let’s dive into Ashe’s backstory. She is a respected figure in the criminal underworld, and a leader of the “Deadlock Gang.” Whatever that is. She was apparently born into a wealthy family that didn’t pay attention to her, so she became a criminal after meeting another Overwatch character named McCree. They committed crimes together in the American southwest over the years. She became an outlaw legend.

I haven’t read the backstories of other Overwatch characters and don’t plan to. I just enjoy playing the game. It’s a fun online first-person shooter. There are a lot of different characters to play as. Ashe is going to be the next character added to the game, which gets me excited. Online games are good when they offer new content over time. Overwatch is one of the most watched games on Twitch, the most popular website for watching people play video games live. Twitch is a great place to watch the Overwatch League, in which teams from a bunch of different cities compete in Overwatch competitions. There isn’t a Chicago team, however. The Overwatch league is an official broadcast from Blizzard, the company that made Overwatch.

Characters in Overwatch all have backstories. In fact, the world you play in has a backstory. I don’t think a lot of people care about this lore. I love playing the game, but it’s weird that it has a huge story to it. It’s as if the game didn’t need the story at all. It’s like the story of the company that made the food on your food packaging. You don’t care about it; you just eat the food. Nobody cares how Tostitos got founded.

Anyway, Ashe is going to be a great addition to the lineup of characters. Her weapons look cool. Her “Ultimate” ability looks fantastic as well. She’ll be added to the game soon. I couldn’t find a release date for her online. However, she is playable in the “Public Test Region” on PC right now.

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