Holiday movies relay message

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

As the days of November continue to pass by, people are beginning to listen to holiday music and put up decorations. The snow helps the mood. That said, here are two holiday films that everyone should watch this season; I’m almost positive your older relatives will agree.

“Miracle on 34th Street” is a 1947 film (Yes, you read that right,) that takes place in New York City and follows a young girl, Susan. Susan’s mother works for Macys and oversees the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. When the Santa for the parade is intoxicated the day of the parade, Doris quickly finds a replacement that is perfect for the part (beard and all) who goes by the name of Kris Kringle. Kringle does an exceptional job as Santa Claus, even once inside and working one-on-one with children, Kringle’s performance is outstanding. When a young Dutch girl who did not know English went up to see Santa, he instantly begin to speak in Dutch. Susan was taken to see Santa by her neighbor Fred Gauley and saw this and was amazed. Though, Susan’s mother quickly finds her and pulls her away from the line, as she does not want Susan to believe in Santa. Doris tries to convince Kringle to tell Susan he is not really Santa, but he insists he is.

This movie follows the journey of Kringle, Susan, Doris and Fred as they conspire to find and prove the truth about Kringle’s identity to the community. Another Holiday classic from the 1940’s (1946, to be exact) is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” This film follows George Bailey, a successful banker who has managed to save the town of Bedford Falls from the corruption of rich and ignorant Potter, who wishes to take over the entire town. One night, there is a mistake that happens at Bailey’s bank, leaving them with a shortage. Potter finds out about this shortage and calls the bank examiner. Bailey then realizes that he will be sent to jail, though an innocent man, ripped from his family and friends, and that the town of Bedford Falls will be entirely taken over by the corrupt Potter. Bailey begins to contemplate suicide, standing on a bridge. Though, an angel named Clarence is sent down to him to show him what life would be like without Bailey. This film is most definitely a tear-jerker, but also has a very real-life lesson behind it about life. While I realize these both sound like movies you were probably forced to watch during the Holidays as a child by an adult in your life (I know I was), they do have significant meanings and underlying messages that only emphasize what the Holiday season is about. So, if you have time over Thanksgiving break, I highly suggest checking out these two classic films.