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A dog happy hour would benefit everyone

Melanie Kelly, Courier Staff

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The majority of students at Western probably love dogs and wish that they could have one in the dorms or their apartments. A way for the McDonough county animal shelter to make money is by implementing a happy hour-type deal for students.

This happy hour would involve having students pay a small donation in return for taking a dog out on a walk or to a park for an hour. This plan would be beneficial for students as well as bring some income and donations into the animal shelter. To eliminate the potential for a dog to be stolen, the animal shelter could take students license information or their plate numbers.

I think that this idea would reduce stress and anxiety in students and allow them to have fun with pets when they might not be able to in their dorm or their apartment. This would also give an opportunity for more people to see and interact with the pets and potentially want to adopt them in the future. The shelter, in return would be making a lot of money and can improve the shelter’s quality. The dogs would also be getting a lot of exercise and human interaction on a daily basis from the students.

I feel as if students would really benefit the most from this program. I know on days where I am stressed, I would love to be able to play with a dog and students could go see the same dog every week. I think students would pay a small donation once or twice a week to go play with a dog. If this program was advertised around campus, I think the turnout would be great. Donations from the students could go towards dog food, blankets and cleaning supplies for the shelter as well as money to keep the shelter running in general. During finals week, this would be a great program since so many students will probably be stressed. During the winter time since it would be too cold to take dogs out for walks, students could pay to go visit the dog and hang out with the dog in the shelter. I think it is also important to show that there are many dogs in the shelter who need adopting. Most people pay way too much money to buy a dog from other stores that get their puppies from puppy mills. There are so many good dogs and cats in shelters that you can adopt for half of the price. If this program were to go into place, I predict that the adoption rate of shelter animals will go up because people will realize how cute the dogs in the shelter are and how deserving they are of a new home, and someone who will love them unconditionally.

The dogs in the shelter do not deserve to spend the rest of their life behind the walls of a cage, and this program could potentially help that from not happening.

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A dog happy hour would benefit everyone