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Listening to music in class may help students

Donnetta Shanklin, Courier Staff

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Listening to music is how some people are able to study.

Some students, they listen to classical music in order to study. For some they listen to their favorite songs to help them prepare for homework and big projects coming up.

Some even listen to instrumental versions of songs in order to help them keep focused with their course load. Whatever it maybe, music is used for some to help them stay focused and to finish their work. There is nothing wrong with listening to music when trying to study. Sometimes it helps people focus, and sometimes it doesn’t. Each person is different and should be allowed to use whatever study aid is necessary in order to be the most successful. This should not only go for homework, but quizzes and tests too.

There can be many downsides to listening to music in a classroom setting. It can be distracting to others because the music is too loud and maybe to the person listening because they may not focus on the test. Most importantly, it can be a way for people to cheat. People have come up with many clever ways to hack the education system, and one of those ways is to pre-record your notes to an audio file and listen to them through a device. With that being said, there are students like this but not all students are like that. There have been studies done that support people listening to music by proving that they get better grades when they listen to music, than when they don’t. At the end of the day, the decision to allow students to listen to music depends on the professor; but I know if I was allowed to listen to music ,my grades might have been a bit better. I say this because when I am studying, I tend to listen to classical music or music that relaxes my mind. Sometimes it’s music that just involves sounds of the beach or nature. Those are just some examples of music that helps me study and some of my peers listen to that music. too.

Students should be allowed to listen to music in a classroom when they need to take tests and quizzes. It would obviously need to be quiet and not too distracting. People should wear headphones and keep it at a normal volume. The type of music the students listen to should be open as well. Studying with classical music works for me, but it is not for everyone. Some people love listening to their normal music, so they should be allowed to do so. Trust is the big issue with listening to music and that will also depend on the professor. At the end of the day, the professor can only do so much for his or her students. Music is a great way for a student to perform well on a test so the professors should allow it.

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Listening to music in class may help students