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Neck Up, we are almost done

London Rivers, Courier Staff

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It’s that time of the semester where laziness and procrastination are at an all-time high, and seniors are anticipating graduation. However, even though fall semester is almost over, that does not mean that it’s time to quit too early.

Time is indeed winding down, but that’s no excuse to stop your progression this far ahead. Make it your goal to finish strong. Yes, each semester can be more worrisome than the last, but don’t give up just yet. Most universities and colleges receive more than a month for winter break, so allow that to motivate you to keep going. Make sure to stay focused and communicate with your professors if and when needed. Take the time to organize your assignments and tests to give yourself ample amount of time to get them completed and turned in on time. I learned a long time ago that professors are more understanding and lenient with you when they see that you’re at least trying regardless of the circumstances. Now, that doesn’t mean take advantage of every situation where this can apply. Be smart and responsible as we are adults and need to make sure our priorities are in place.

In addition, make sure to take some “you” time as well. Try not to get so caught up in making sure that everything is in order before the end of semester; that anxiety becomes more overwhelming than it may already be. If you take the time now to get things in order and in alignment with a reasonable schedule to do so, then everything else should fall right into place. College is stressful nonetheless. However, how stressful college can get is up to you. Now, if you are someone like me who is just now finding the energy to get things done then keep that same energy throughout the rest of the semester. It will all be worth it when that diploma is sitting on your mantle smiling back at you.

I just want to ensure that all your time spent during those late nights and early mornings working on projects and homework do not go to waste. We will succeed, we will graduate, seniors, and will prove everyone wrong. However, before trying to prove anything to anyone else, prove yourself wrong. Along the way, college has been a struggle for me but that was only the case when I make it more difficult than it needed to be. Don’t overwork yourself into stress that can possibly cause harm to not only your mental and emotional self but to your physical body as well. It only takes one long night to overthink yourself into negative thoughts. No one can determine your future but you. Think and keep positive, and negativity will be easier to fight and overpower. So, find some time and sit down with a plan that is both reasonable and attainable before the semester ends to reach any goals that you may have before grades come out. Being an adult isn’t easy, but just know that if no one is proud of you, I am.

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Neck Up, we are almost done