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Changes keep happening at Western

Kalen Stanford, Courier Staff

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As students at Western Illinois University, we have all heard the rumors about enrollment going down on our campus. I have talked extensively with my close friends about what they think the problem is here.

We’ve all had our input on what should and shouldn’t be changed, and this list covers a wide span of problems. First, classes need to be cut due to lack of funding in Illinois and at our college. This problem has caused other issues to start. Things like C-store hours getting cut, food options being limited and prices of on-campus items being priced ridiculously higher than off-campus, are just some of the issues we’re dealing with because of the budget cuts. Other issues that are important and pertain to lack of enrollment are as follows: parking problems, on campus counseling wait-times, lack of entertainment and lack of punishment due to privilege.

While the lack of funding is something that the college itself cannot do much about, but the smaller things mentioned can be changed. Our university faculty and higher-ups should think carefully about what classes they decide to cut. I don’t know how they come to the conclusion of these things but I am just here throwing out ideas. In a previous article I have written, I discussed the importance of general education courses and why we should not be forced to take them. I believe those are the courses that should be cut instead of courses that students are planning on using as tools in their specific field. Our on-campus options for various things become a big part of our everyday lives, meaning there should always be more options all around campus. Specifically, food options and times. As students, we don’t have the same schedules or preferences. To alleviate any issues with these things, the faculty needs to come up with a solution for more options and more times to access these items.

Other things like parking problems could be solved with more funding. Until that can be fixed, I believe our meter monitors should be a little more lenient with students parking. Another issue I have heard about is the wait-times at the on-campus counseling center. I understand there are not many employees to cover the amount of students that need counseling, but this is important for students that are in need of counseling. I have heard from close friends that the wait time can be up to a month before someone gets in. This is a problem, because so much can happen in someone’s life in one month. Enrollment at Western is going down because Illinois’ lack of funding and the poor response to it by our school.

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Changes keep happening at Western