Pritzker wins Governor election

Steven Barnum , Assistant News Editor

Voters have chosen J.B. Pritzker to be the 43rd Governor of Illinois.

The 53-year-old venture capitalist collected 45 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary in the spring, defeating challengers Chris Kennedy and Daniel Biss. With 90 percent of the vote reporting,Pritzker will unseat Gov. Bruce Rauner, who will become the second consecutive governor to exit after one term.

Even with 35 other governor races in the country, Illinois continued to draw headlines. In the general election, Rauner and Pritzker spent more than $200 million combined for the governorship, making it the most expensive gubernatorial governor’s race in political history.

Pritzker ran on legalizing marijuana for recreational use, college affordability and raising the minimum wage. With a net worth of $3.5 billion, he will become the wealthiest governor in the United States.

Politico projected that Rauner was one of the most vulnerable governors running for re-election in this year’s midterm elections, referencing polls that indicated Pritzker had a double-digit advantage.

Rauner’s loss comes in the midst of a financial crisis in Illinois. Pritzker continuously drew attention to lawmakers’ inability to pass a budget for two years, which has voters increasingly frustrated with the gridlock in state politics.