Words matter, especially when you are the President

Juan Casas, Courier Staff

Times have changed, political dialogue has devolved from decency to savagery. Before, it was unheard of to call the media the enemy of the people, now it is all too common.

When before, to lie while holding office was kin to braking the law, now its seen as perfectly legal. When, racism was covert and is now blatantly overt. The standards of the presidency have either fallen or completely been eliminated, the bar of what is acceptable behavior has all but been removed. So, when the highest office in the land claims that they have been unfairly targeted, and calls on the media to stop doing their job, reporting things in an unbiased manner, and to help the presidency appear more civil or sophisticated then his own words permit. Because of these constant attacks on the media, a far-right lunatic used these as an excuse to go and threaten and attack the media and any other group or person who the president has verbally attacked and insulted, then this goes to show that words do indeed matter.

The words of the highest office in the land hold weight, what the president says and does is held under a different light, under higher scrutiny as it should. For the simple reason that, the individuals who hold the presidency, are idolized and hold tremendous influence over hundreds of millions of people, thus they ought to be held accountable for their actions as well as for their words. This is because what they say, whether intended or not, can have real world consequences. If a normal person walks into a movie theater and screams fire this causes mayhem and results in people being injured, then that individual is held responsible even though they did not physically harm anyone. So, it is not unheard of or radical to expect the president of the United States to be held to the same standards. Yet, it appears that this is no longer the case, it seems that the presidency is immune to the laws and social norms that binds the rest of us together.

That being said, we ought to always attempt to compromise, to understand and to give people the benefit of the doubt, this includes the President of the United States. If we could entertain the idea that the mainstream media has been unfairly portraying the administration, then it is reasonable to attempt to find out how, and in what means to reduce, if not eliminate the biases. This may be challenging, but not impossible. We as a country, and as a people can come together to help each other understand truths and debunk lies. Yet, this must be done in a civil and meaningful way, the president of the United States ought to reach out to the media, in a respectful manner. To declare that the media is being bias, and the presidency is willing to work with the main stream media to ensure that the news is being reported in an objective way.

Whether this is done via policy changes, or special programs to help diversify a left leaning media machine, I am convinced that it can and ought to be done, for it is not the first time the media and the presidency have not seen eye to eye.