A cappella

Brie Coder, Copy Editor

When you hear the word a cappella, the first thing that comes to mind is musicians incorporating a vibrate sound without the backing of instruments. Western Illinois’ a capella group, InVoxicated, breaks the mold of what a traditional a capella group is supposed to sound like, and defines a new way of listening to this style of music. Juniors Rebecca Helmeid (president, music therapy major) and Lauren Wood (secretary, music education major), have put a lot of heart and soul into this well-established group, and are expanding music listeners’ horizons with the type of music they perform throughout the school year.When InVoxicated first started in the fall of 2016, Wood was one of the first to jump on the opportunity to join the group. Helmeid came to Western in the fall of 2017 during her sophomore year and auditioned at that time.

Since Helmeid and Wood were a part of their school’s musical clubs/groups in high school, they both wanted to maintain their musical craft when they came to Western by joining InVoxicated.

“In my school after sixth grade, you had to choose either band or choir and I chose band because of the way it was scheduled,” Wood said. “I didn’t do choir again until my senior year of high school because I finally had openings and I really missed singing.” Helmeid reminisced about her time in high school and spoke about her decision to join the a cappella group at Western.

“In high school for three years I was in the a cappella layer along with the other higher level ensembles. Coming here I wanted to continue the a capella because it’s a very nice close knit family you get to do things that you don’t do in classes. So that’s why I joined because of the community it can create and being able to share music with everybody.”

Once Helmeid and Wood joined, it was only a matter of time before their role in the group would go from being just performers, to leaders within the group. As president, Helmeid’s responsibilities include making things run smoothly by having others take over their respected positions like choreography for example. She also teaches the singers the music, and makes sure that their group is involved in the community. With Wood as the secretary, she feels she “nags everyone a lot” since she is in charge of taking attendance and helping the new and returning members with questions on the music. If there is one thing that InVoxicated wants their group to take away from their performances, is that they don’t perform for themselves, they perform to unite the audiences they’re performing in front of.

“I just want them to love music as much as we do. The whole reason we perform music is because we enjoy it, or at least for me, because I really love it. It makes me happy. I just want the audience to enjoy it and feel how we do when we perform it,” Wood said.

Helmeid wants the crowd to understand how hard they work.

“I want them to understand that they don’t need to know all the hard work that goes behind it,” Helmeid said. “I want them to know that there is still magic and a cappella I feel like is a very good place to find that magic. I love sharing music with people and being able to have them take a piece of our world with them because this is what we spend all our time doing.”

This Thursday, InVoxicated along with Lone Daisy G, and Corlie and Cordell From the Guitar Shop, will be a part of the Showcase at Sundown, an event hosted by the music business department. The event begins at 8 p.m. at the Multicultural Center and is free and open to the public.