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Western graduate opens up 365 Nutrition Macomb seven months after graduation

Marc Ramirez, News editor

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Macomb gets ready to welcome a new business into the community; however, this one is a little different than many others. Named 365 Nutrition, the busines is here to help develop a person develop their best self-possible.

365 Nutrition is a local nutrition club that serves nutritious drinks that help you reach your health goals. Western Illinois University graduate, Kristin Talley, is a 22-year-old owner and operator of this business. Talley graduated with her bachelor degree in kinesiology with a minor in nutrition, and uses her degree as a driving passion to help people.

“I have a huge passion for helping people become the best version of themselves possible,” Talley posted on the business Facebook page.

“I do this through fitness and nutrition. My goal with bringing this nosiness to Macomb is to grow health, wellness and happiness in our community.” From the small town of Amboy, Ill., Talley chose to start her business in a city like Macomb, since she knew she could get more business in a larger city compared to that of her hometown.

“I wanted a place where we all can come together and fuel our bodies with deliciousguilt free nutrition and form amazing relationships,”Talley said. “We also want it to be a place where the community can come together and find a positive atmosphere full of excitement and support.”

Talley explained that her driving force to start this business was to help find her purpose; she knew it lied within helping people; she just wanted to find a way to express it.

“As a college student you feel so pushed and forced to know what you would like to spend the rest of your life doing,” Talley said. “If you work a Monday through Friday job, then your job takes up over 70 percent of your life. I one day ran into a nutrition club just like 365 and felt my purpose hit me.”

With health problems like obesity on the rise, Talley instantly knew Macomb was in need of services like the ones provided through 365. There is no other place in Macomb that can provide you with fast healthy nutrition.

“We offer nutrition shakes, which are a complete healthy meal, teas that are energizing and increase your metabolism and aloe shots that help with hydration and digestion,” Talley said. “We also will be holding body transformation challenges to help the community reach their goals they have always wanted.”

365 Nutrition is hoping to open in December, but can open as late as January. The opening date is dependent on the flow of construction, inspectors and other tedious details that go into starting up a small business. 365 Nutrition will be located at 1061 W Jackson St. Suite 101, Macomb, Ill. The shop is located as little as three minutes away form Western’s library.

“I am most excited about making an impact on Macomb’s community,” Talley said. “I want everyone to know this is a place where you can come and hang out and be yourself.”

In addition to a place to geta tasty guilt-free meal in a shake, 365 Nutrition also has a lounge area for students to have a relaxing, calm environment to hang out with friends or study and do homework.

365 can be found on all of their social media platforms. Facebook: 365 Nutrition Macomb, Twitter: @365NutritionMac and Instagram: 365 Nutrition Macomb.

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Western graduate opens up 365 Nutrition Macomb seven months after graduation