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Introducing: The 93rd District Norine Hammond

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Since December of 2010, Representative Norine Hammond has held on tight to District 93 and plans to continue to be our District Representative.

Hammond was born in Berwyn, Ill. and grew up in the western suburbs. She attended Western Illinois University and has been living in Macomb since the early 70s. Leonard Hammond, Hammond’s husband, is from Macomb and they’ve raised their daughter Trish in Macomb. Hammond started her career after the unfortunate passing of Representative, Richard Myers, on Dec. 1, 2010.

“I was one of six individuals to be interviewed to replace him and was ultimately chosen and felt it was a mission that I wanted to continue,” Hammond said during the interview when asked on why she initially ran for the Representative seat.

“I think there is a lot of issues that we need to improve upon, and certainly do the very best on issues that affect us state wide but particularly here in west central Illinois,” Hammond said. “First and foremost is the funding for education at all levels. We have done a good job in the last couple of years for the funding formula for K-12 education. The schools in the 93 District do extremely well under this new funding formula and it’s something we have got to maintain, the funding for that according to the formula as it was passed in the general assembly two years ago.”

“In addition to that we have our challenges certainly with higher education not just at our four years institution, but at our community colleges as well,” Hammond said. “Going back to even before 2002 but certainly starting in the Blagojevich period, funding for higher education was absolutely slashed so we have to build those levels back to a level that is adequate for all of our four year public institutions as well as our community colleges.”

Hammond is currently part of a higher educationworking group. It’s a bipartisan and bicameral group of Legislators, Senators, Representatives, Republicans and Democrats.

They are currently working on how they can improve higher education in the state of Illinois in particular, keeping our Illinois students in Illinois and attracting students from other states. They plan on doing this by a number of measures that they have implicated in the last four years.

A four year Monetary Award Program is measure that they have implicated. M.A.P provides grants, which does not need to be repaid, to Illinois residents who attend approved Illinois colleges and demonstrate financial need, based on the information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Another program they plan to reach their goal for is a program called Aim High. Aim High expands opportunities for low-income middle school students and their teachersthrough a free summer learning and enrichment program. Hammond also focuses on fiscal accountability.

“I would encourage young people to take an interest not in just state government, but local government,” Hammond said. “Get involved in local races, whether you be the candidate or working on behalf of the candidate. Get involved and get a feel of it and the most important thing is that when you enter into that commitment you have to do it because you want to make things better for others not because you want to have some power trip.”

Hammond suggested that young people go out into their surrounding communities and get involved in politics.

“The most enjoyable part of it for me, is when we are in the district, not necessary when we are in Springfield during the leg, which is extremely important, but when you can be in the district and with the constituents whether it be visiting folks in long term care facilities or going to the schools, county board meetings or meeting with individuals that have problems with the state government that is the most rewarding part of it,” Hammond said.

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Introducing: The 93rd District Norine Hammond