Debunked: Harry Potter movies not coming to Netflix

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

This week Harry Potter fans around the United States were overjoyed to hear the news that Netflix would be releasing all the Harry Potter films to Netflix on Nov. 1. It was like an early holiday gift! The news spread like wildfire on Facebook, fan after fan beyond ready to break out their magic wands and their Hogwarts robes to marathon all eight of the Harry Potter films. Unfortunately, though, the exciting news was no more than a rumor. A Muggle mistake, really. Netflix responded to one of the posts about this on Twitter, saying “Sorry but this isn’t true.” It isn’t untrue that all eight films will be featured on Netflix, but this will not be happening in the United States region. France and Belgium are where the Wizarding World will be making an appearance. Because of licensing and legalities certain countries have the availability to view the films where others do not, therefore Netflix will only have all eight of the films in two countries, neither of which are the U.S. or the U.K. Though, for any Harry Potter fans that want to marathon the eight films, it is well worth the money to rent the movies, and the 19 hours and 39 minutes it takes to watch them.

While the Harry Potter films may not be coming to Netflix in the United States for the new month, something just as magical is – winter holiday movies! What better way to start the most wonderful time of the year, than with the magic of movies? One of these wonderful winter films is the iconic 2000 film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” based on the 1957 Dr. Seuss story. This movie is a family favorite and follows the story of the main protagonist Cindy Lou Who as she searches for the true meaning of Christmas. One day at the post office Lou Who encounters the Grinch, a creature who hates Christmas and has been outcasted by the town of Whoville, when he saves her life. From there, Lou Who begins to search for more information about the Grinch, finding that he has a tragic past. She is both saddened and inspired by this and decides that she will bring Christmas Spirit to the Grinch. The movie follows her journey in finding the true meaning of Christmas and in helping the Grinch.

What would winter holiday be without extremely cliché romance movies? If these sorts of movies are your cup of hot coco a during the colder months, then “A Christmas Prince” is the perfect movie for you this holiday season. A truly magical film that captures the love that the season is all about. “A Christmas Prince” is the story of a young journalist, Amber Moore, who is given the assignment of a lifetime. She is sent to the nation of Aldovia in search of information about Prince Richard who is said to be reckless but is set to take the throne after his father’s recent passing. The prince does not make an appearance at the press conference as hoped, but Moore is mistaken as the young princess’ tutor. Moore, driven and inspired, takes the opportunity, and pretends to be the young girls tutor, to try and get the story of her lifetime. Through this risky undercover mission, Moore gets to know the prince, finding that he is nothing like everyone else thinks. The movie follows Moore’s story where her identity and career are threatened as she begins to fall in love with the prince. Will the Magic of the season turn into a royal wedding?

While the Harry Potter films may not be coming to the United States this November, there is not a shortage of magical films on the streaming service. From family favorites like “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” to tear-jerking romances like “The Christmas Prince” there is surely a magical movie for everyone as we move into the holiday season.