Doctor Who releases Rosa Parks episode

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

DuffySeason 11, episode three of “Doctor Who” was called “Rosa.” In this episode, The Doctor and his companions traveled back in time to Montgomery, Ala. in 1955 and met Rosa Parks. The TARDIS picked up a similar energy reading to its own in this time period, so they walked outside their time machine to investigate. They were faced with the reality of racism at the time soon after. One of the Doctor’s friends, Ryan, went up to a white couple in a park and asked the man a question. He got slapped in the face and the guy said something like “don’t talk to me like that.” This episode was not only a unique and important episode of “Doctor Who,” but also an important and clever work of science ction. Sci-Fi is really good when it talks about issues that matter to us today.

In this “Doctor Who” episode, they found an evil guy, also a time traveler, who is trying to change the timeline of American history by stopping Parks from saying no to the bus driver when asked to move to the back of the bus. The evil man had already done his time in the galaxy’s temporal prison, a prison for time travelers. In his efforts to undermine the civil rights movement, he tried everything. He even destroyed the bus Parks was supposed to be on. He created situations that made the bus driver take the day off, or make the buses not run that night or made the bus Parks was supposed to get on not reach its stop. The Doctor and his friends stepped in to save history. This is bold for “Doctor Who” to make this episode, because it shows that clever science fiction can still be made that deals with real issues. It was good that the way Parks got to the point of saying no to the bus driver wasn’t because the Doctor or her friends inspired her or encouraged her. Parks did it on her own. The Doctor said “we have to not help her.” This is a good way to write an episode about Parks, because it doesn’t undermine her legacy. It is good writing because The Doctor and her friends may have fixed what the evil guy tried to break, but when the time came for Parks to say no, they let it happen naturally and weren’t trying to tell Parks something like, “come on, tell him no!” or “Now’s your chance! Say no!“Its better for time travelers to not interfere with history or encourage history to happen. This episode dealt with what I think is a kind of Time Travel theory that states that if someone goes back in time to try to change something, the thing they were trying to stop will happen anyway. I think that, even though that bad guy was trying to stop Parks from saying no to the bus driver, it would’ve happened anyway. It did happen anyway, but not because The Doctor came in to encourage it or inspire her. Parks did it all on her own.