Crafty Coop opens in downtown Macomb


Devon Greene/ Editor-In-Chief

Crafty Coop is ready for customers to stop by on the west side of downtown Macomb.

Devon Greene , editor-in-chief

A new paint your own pottery and craft studio is opening on the west side of downtown Macomb.

The Crafty Coop, LLC, a new business founded by Western Illinois graduate, Laci Todd, is making its grand opening, on Nov. 1. The Crafty Coop is located at 206 N. Lafayette Street, directly across from Chandler Park.

The Crafty Coop had a soft opening last Saturday, where customers were encouraged to come in and paint their own pottery. Families came in and painted dinosaurs, skulls and puppy dogs on the first weekend for the blossoming company.

Todd credits her husband for coming up with the name of the business.

“We have a flock of nine Plymouth Barred Rock chickens and 14 ducks on our little ‘farm.’” A post on The Crafty Coop’s Facebook page said. “We’ve raised most of them from babies and hatched several more from the incubator. There will definitely be chicks and ducklings in the spring on display.”

The company logo is a feather, which is featured prominently above the company name on both windows of the business that sits between Mr. Sweeper and Cady’s on Lafayette Street. Underneath reads a quote with a twist that reads, “ Birds of a feather, create together.”

Todd graduated from Macomb High School in 2008 and went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree from Western in 2012. Since then, Todd has started a family with her husband and two children.

Todd’s inspiration for her business traces all the way back to her childhood when her grandmother used to take her out to paint pottery. Todd has carried this tradition down to her children. “We travel every year, but all the places are over an hour away,” Todd said. “It was just so inconvenient.”

On one of those trips, Todd remembers a story her husband told her.

“He said that I told him ‘I could totally do this, I could open one of these up myself one day.’” Todd said. “I didn’t remember saying that but he says that I did.”

Last summer, when Macomb’s Downtown Development Director, Kristin Terry, held a competition for entrepreneurs in Macomb, Todd was hesitant to apply because of her already tight schedule.

Todd still works two jobs, including a full-time, four day a week job along with raising her two children, while opening the new business. Todd credits her family and friends for helping her with the load that would be stressful for many.

Eventually, Todd decided that she would jump in with both feet and attend the classes and workshops held by the city of Macomb. These classes lasted for six weeks and included writing their own business plan and developing their own pitches for heir perspective businesses. The winner of this competition would win $28,000 in incentives for their business. When the pitches were delivered on July 19, Todd came up short but remained motivated in her vision.

“I finished in third place,” Todd said. “ But I had still had the drive and I got the recognition from the judges.” Todd used this drive to move forward and secure loans and find a location for The Crafty Coop.

Todd didn’t plan on opening The Crafty Coop until next year, but everything seemed to fall into place for the business. With the holiday season coming up, Todd wants to take things slow in the early days of the craft shop.

“For now, I just want to start getting the hang of things.” Todd said. “I don’t have any special craft nights planned yet, but we will be looking into that in the future.”