Punk group Parcels release new album

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

Parcels, a funk-pop group from Byron Bay, Australia, have a new self-titled debut album out. It’s a really funky album released after they had many singles out already. The legendary electronic music robot duo Daft Punk helped produce their 2017 single “Overnight,” which was a success. Parcels blends electro with funk in a creative way.

The first track is called “Comedown” and it’s a good album opening. It takes a while before you hear the singing. It leads smoothly right into the next track, “Lightenup,” which reminds me of the more funkier songs on Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories,” like “Lose Yourself to Dance.” My favorite lyrics are “Time to lighten up. I don’t plan to.” The third track is a love song called “Withorwithout.” How would I describe this track? It’s very soothing. They really ask the question of whether they’re with or without the girl in the story. “Tape” is the next track. The lead singer and the other members of the band alternate their singing in an interesting way. “Everyroad” has sound clips of people talking about their ideal house to live in. Then female singers take over, and it sounds like the heavens opened up, because their singing is super powerful. Just when you think the song couldn’t get any better, synthesizers take over and it’s suddenly a dance track.

“Yourfault” is a sad song, wondering if what happened was the singer’s fault or someone else’s. This song stops and you just hear flowing water and nature sounds.

“Closetowhy” is a dance-worthy song. It really gets me into my groove. It could be played at a dance where people dress up nice, like a wedding after-party. It’s funky in that kind of way. Synthesizers take over at the end. “Iknowhowyoufeel” is groovy as well. “Exotica” has them singing “Na, na, na, na” in the beginning. Then, the electric piano and soft vocals take it away.The album cover is very 1960s. It’s an image of the band members getting off a 1960s-looking plane. There’s a lady that got off before them. She is about to walk away, so they look like they are trying to call out to her to tell her she left her luggage on the plane. The band was conceived in 2014 when the band members were in high school together. After high school was over, they all moved to Berlin, Europe’s center for musical inspiration. Music magazines proclaimed Parcel’s debut EP “Hideout” to be the soundtrack of 2017.

When Daft Punk’s Guy- Manuel De Homem Christo co-wrote and produced Parcels’ single “Overnight,” the band grew in popularity. Daft Punk posted on their Facebook page the single cover and link to the single. Fans old and new had mixed reactions. Some people don’t like the direction Daft Punk is going in nowadays.

“Overnight” sounds like something Daft Punk would make. When it came out it felt like “Get Lucky” all over again. Daft Punk is moving towards more collaborations these days, and Parcels is a great choice for them.