Hulu creates Halloween viewing destination

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

It is not news to anyone that online streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix have been making more movies available for customers based on season and time of the year. That said, with the weather becoming chillier, the selections are too. Scary movies and TV shows have started to flood the streaming services like Netflix with their new original shows and other movies, and Hulu is no exception.

Hulu Chief Marketing Officer, Kelly Campbell, stated, “since more than half of our subscribers consider Halloween their favorite holiday, we thought it was only right to create this ultimate viewing destination.” And that is exactly what Hulu has done for the month of October. Hulu has loaded it’s streaming services with a variety of horror films, with classics such as “Chucky” and “Amityville Horror,” to new films like “Jigsaw” and “Midnighters.” Though in addition to these movies, Hulu has created their own spin off on Halloween- Huluween Film Festival.

Huluween Film Fest is a collection of eight films, all under 10 minutes in length. These short films are all different in content from a demonic animatronic panda bear, to harsh consequences for shoplifting, these films are enough to leave the viewer wanting more, but glad that there isn’t

If you aren’t a fan of long horror movies that haunt you for a few nights after viewing, the Huluween Film Fest is probably the right choice for you in the next week leading to Halloween! If you are an avid supporter of film fests and independent films, Huluween Film Festival also gives you the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. At the end of October, the short film with the highest views and ratings from judges will be given $10,000 to finance a full-length version of their short film. There’s one more week left of the Spooky Season, so check out Huluween and finish the month off right!