Disturbed releases new album

Brie Coder, Copy Editor

Disturbed has always set the bar high, not only in the heavy metal genre, but in the music industry as a whole. “Immortalized” was released in 2015, and the fans were amazed, yet hungry for more of their content. Well the native Chicagoans delivered with their newest and seventh studio album “Evolution” that was released on Friday.

The original album is composed of 10 songs, but the deluxe edition has a total of 14. Whichever one you choose to listen to, you’ll go from head banging to shedding a tear or two. This album does not disappoint. In a way this album is for all the underdogs out there who want to break free but are afraid to do so. Once you hear this album, it will motivate you to finally break away from the chains that bind you.

To give a highlight of some of their heavier tracks on “Evolution,” the first one has to be their first released single prior to the album release and most played song on the radio “Are You Ready.” This song begins with a synthesizer, and then guitarist Dan Donegan and percussionist Mike Wengren interject with vocalist David Draiman screaming out the title of the song. One of the best lyrics in the piece is “They aren’t ready for you to be strong…they aren’t ready for you to prove them wrong…they aren’t ready for you to be turned into someone who cannot be preyed upon.”

Continuing with their heavier tracks “Stronger on Your Own,” introduces listeners to Draiman’s life story by him singing in the beginning “Everybody has a story to tell, listen closely now and you can hear mine as well. I was addicted to breaking my heart; I couldn’t get enough of feeling it torn apart.” Donegan and Wengren’s playing goes hand in hand in this piece, no one outshines the other. My favorite part in this song is when Draiman laughs in the beginning and during the break down when he goes into his possessed voice that he is known to do. When Disturbed covered Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sounds of Silence,” fans like me wanted more of that raw content, well they made sure to incorporate that style in “A Reason to Fight” and “Hold on to Memories.” In both of these songs, the group strips away all their heavy content and focuses instead on an acoustic set and Draiman’s out of this word diverse vocal ranges. “A Reason to Fight” sounds in a way like a love song, but the song focuses on addiction and trying to create a positive and uplifting message to help those who are struggling with it. “Hold on to Memories” is a song about losing someone close, but if you can retain their memory then they’ll never be forgotten.

Disturbed reminds me of a fine aged wine, or cheese for those who don’t drink. They know how to evolve with the times, but also knowhow to keep their original sound that helped them breakout from being indie musicians, to mainstream rock stars. “Evolution” proves that point.