Oli Herbert passes away at the age of 44

Brie Coder, Courier Staff

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On Wednesday, the music community was in shock once again, when news broke that one of the founding members and guitarist of All That Remains, Oli Herbert, passed away at the age of 44.t the moment, bits and pieces of information are being released about his passing.

The first news was that he passed away due to an accident that occurred on his property. TMZ updated the information from Metal Injection and Loudwire’s report that he was found dead in a pond nearby his Connecticut home, after a call was made to police about Herbert being missing and asking police to do a check in to see where he was. According to Loudwire, the other members of All That Remains and their manager confirmed Herbert’s death, by releasing a statement on their Instagram with a photo of Herbert doing what he did best, playing the guitar.

“We were devastated to learn that Oli Herbert, our friend, guitar player, and founding member of All That Remains, has passed away. Oli was an incredibly talented guitarist and songwriter who defined rock and metal from the Northeast. His impact on the genres and our lives will continue indefinitely. No further details are available at this time. The band and family request that you please respect their privacy and remember Oli by celebrating the great music he made.” Herbert and vocalist Phil Labonte created All That Remains back in 1998. The heavy metal group has released eight studio albums, which Herbert played a big role in, and would record on all eight of those albums. Their ninth studio album “Victim of the New Disease” will be released on Nov. 9, but it’s hard telling if all the recordings were completed before Herbert’s passing.

What made Herbert stand out in the metalcore genre was the way that he played. When most people think metal guitarist, they think of Slash (Guns N Roses), Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), but Herbert took the whole genre by storm when he began to play.

The way Herbert played is something that hasn’t been heard before. His speed was out of this world, along with how he knew when to slow down to give other instrumentalists their time to shine, and when to speed up to Labonte’s singing and the other performers’ playing. If you’ve never heard of their music before and want to hear Herbert’s legendary riffs the best songs to listen to are: “Six,” “Two Weeks” (most recognized song with all the airplay it’s received in the past 10 years), “Regret Not” and “What If I Was Nothing.”

With a new album about to be released, Herbert’s passing leaves the band in a stand still as to what is going to happen next, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Until then, fans of All That Remains can pay tribute to Herbert, his family and the band by sending their condolences through social media and listening to their music to relive the memories of the late and great Herbert.

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