Alpha Sigma Alpha hosts lip syncing battle

Juan Casas, Courier Staff


Last Thursday, the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority at Western Illinois University hosted the muchanticipated “Alpha Sync Battle” competition, which was held in University Union Grand Ballroom from 7 to 8 p.m.

The tickets where $3 in advance, if purchased directly from the sorority hosting the event, and they were $5 at the door. The money raised from the ticket sales would go directly to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation, which has  aimed to empower women since 1986, and has since helped provide over $500,000 via grants, awards and scholarships, and educational leadership training to members of the sorority.

“My favorite thing about HostingAlpha Sync Battle would probably have to be getting everyone hyped up for each other and just trying to shine some light on my amazing chapter,” Mary Cushing, Emcee for the night said.

Three Western graduate students were the judges and awarded the winners of the competition a $100 donation to their sorority/ fraternity’s philanthropy. The competitors where members of various organizations on campus such as Theta Chi and Sigma Sigma Sigma, who came together to show off their dancing and lip syncing skills. Overall, the night was filled with excitement and the roars of the crowd were rarely silenced.

The night began with a well-choreographed performance by Delta Upsilon’s who did an excellent job following the words and staying in rhythm to the beats of the song “My Girl” by The Temptations. From this song, they finished their routine by jumping to 90s hip-hop. Quickly following the Delta’s withdrawl, the men of Alpha GammaRho jumped on stage jamming to  country music. Although it was not choreographed as Delta Upsilon’s routine, what they lacked in practice, they made up for with enthusiasm and colorful attire. Overall, their dance was entertaining and humorous. The third performance of the night was the Chi Omega’s hip-hop dominated choreographed skit that was as fluid as it was colorful.

“My favorite part about Alpha Sync Battle was getting to watch the different routines everyone put together,” sophomore Chi Omega, Erica Buckmann said. “I love being able to see the creativity of the Greek community.”

Theta Chi followed and began their skit; a loud roar and applauses from the audience overcame the country music that was playing. The electricity was in the air and you could feel the emotionwith every jump, hop and skip that Theta Chi made during their performance. This was likely the climax of the night, with the overwhelming majority of the seats now filled and with many more people standing on the sidelines enjoying the show. After Theta Chi, the ladies of Alpha Sigma Alpha went on stage. The hosts opened with the song “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. Easily the largest group there, with two different sets of teams performing, the women didn’t hold back and showed off their impressive dancing and lip syncing skills.

They were subsequently followed by the Phi Sigma Sigma, who were well choreographed and did a good job of matching their predecessor’s talent by lip syncing the song “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama. The women of Phi Sigma Sigma ended their routine to a roar ofapplauses and putting lip-gloss on.

Following the Phi Sigma Sigma was a duo from the fraternity Sigma Chi, who entered the stage to a round of applauses and a wave of respectful laughter when they were seen wearing what appeared to be a uniform of boxes. Literally covered in cardboard, they recreated Kanye West and Lil Pump’s“I Love It”.

Next, were the ladies of Sigma Sigma Sigma who, being well- choreographed and energized, took to the stage with hip hop and rap music, to the theme of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana.

The team closing for the competition were the men of Pi Kappa Phi, who were also well- choreographed and started off by entering the stage to the beat of the rap song “Gangster’s Paradise” by Coolio. They quickly shifted to alternative rock, followed by country music and finally ended their routine by throwing monopoly money in the air during their rap lip sync and closed with an explosive finale of confetti. Sophomore Brady Smith expressed why he’s enjoyed participating in the event for the past two years.

“I enjoyed how I could have fun and help raise money for another great philanthropy while being able to compete for the chance to receive money for the Ability Experience, Pi Kappa Phi’s philanthropy,” Smith said.

The night was far from over, with the closing for the night being done by none other than the baby dolls guest performance.

Overall, the event was a huge success with the three graduate students as judges, deciding that the first place winners of the contest would be the men of Pi Kappa Phi, making them two year reigning champions. Second place was awarded to Phi Sigma Sigma. Finally, the best sorority/fraternity attendance award went to the men of Alpha Gamma Rho.

“My favorite thing about hosting Alpha Sync Battle is being able to get everyone on campus to have agood time and to help our foundation,” Katie Magliano, Emcee for the night said. “The love and support shown at the Alpha Sync Battle is probably one of the best feelings there is.”