College classrooms need a makeover

Kalen Stanford, Courier Staff

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Sometimes a classroom setting can be repetitive and boring for college students. I believe that if some classes had irregular settings for the classroom more students would do better in those classes.

For example, instead of normal three setting chairs or just normal chairs, we could have bean bags or different types of comfortable chairs. For me I think this would help switch up the classrooms we see every day. This could help students pay more attention and get more out of their educations, because more often than not if you are sitting in the same chair in the same classes every day your brain will likely shut down knowing your surroundings so well. Specifically lecture-heavy classes would benefit from this as well due to students being able to see the class from a different perspective. Also, when the weather is nice, some classes should have a designated space to have class outside changing the scenery of the classroom again and involving other spaces on campus. This can be helpful especially, because it gives students a chance to get outside if they do not have a lot of time for that. We are often stuck inside most of the day without a lot of time for fresh air.

Another change that could be made in the classroom could be getting students to talk to each other more, like group activities which helps make more connections in college. Most students only talk to one or two other students in their classes. I think this could be beneficial in helping students open their minds and see things through others’ eyes. Having students communicate with people they normally wouldn’t can be very helpful in the community as well. There are often things happening that some communities of students are completely unaware of.

Some other things that could be added to benefit students in the classroom could be a small amount of time set aside for stress relief once a week or so. Some stress relieving things that could be added into the classroom include meditation, breathing exercises, short writing exercises, etc. These things can really help students get some stress out before class begins and help them focus on the class more. Writing exercises can be beneficial because students can write about what they are stressing about and get it out and be able to put it aside while in class. Deep breathing can help students focus as well. Meditation or just taking a minute before the start of class can help get students’ minds in the right place in order to participate in class.

All in all, I honestly believe a change needs to be made on college campuses to help student do better in class. A change like this in the classroom could really make a difference in the students and faculties lives, not just in the classroom but outside of it as well. This can be a tool used by the students, faculty and school as a whole raising grades and lowering stress levels.

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