Doctor Who introduces female doctor

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

Doctor Who fans met the 13th Doctor in the premier episode last week. Jodie Whittaker made her debut in grand fashion as the first woman to play the beloved character. This hour-long premier began with a guy in his 20s who still lives with his mom and step-dad admits he never learned how to ride a bike. His mom and step-dad help him practice on top of a scenic overlook. He falls over a bunch of times, gets frustrated, and throws his bike off the cliff. His parents tell him to go get his bike, and he wanders through the forest trying to find it. It turns out the bike got stuck in a tree but we soon found out that the bike is the least of his problems. A holographic display of lines appeared in the shape of a diamond in front of him. He touched it, and a giant blue object appeared on the ground. He touched it and it felt like ice. Later, a bundle of electric wires from outer space attacked a train. The new Doctor fell through a hole in the train’s ceiling that the electric wire alien made and saved the day. They return to where the blue object appeared, and find that it had been taken away. After the mysterious disappearance, they decided to investigate. If that sounds weird, I understand. Doctor Who is full of weird stuff that only makes sense if you watch the show. Writing an article about the first episode of Jodie Whittaker’s debut in the school newspaper won’t do it justice. Go watch the episode yourself, its free for 90 or so days after writing this on the website for BBC America. If you’ve seen David Tennant’s seasons, when he played the Doctor, this new Doctor is a lot like him. In the sense that she is quirky, upbeat, and goofy makes her a lot like Tennant in my opinion. If you liked Tennant, I recommend watching the Whittaker seasons. They are looking promising and it is nice to see females starring in lead roles. We’re seeing it more and more now, in Mad Max, in Star Wars, and now in Doctor Who. The next episode after “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” is going to be called “The Ghost Monument” and I can’t wait. At the end of the first episode, the Doctor and the other characters were stranded in deep space without space suits. How will they be able to survive in space? Are they near the TARDIS? That’s the Doctor’s time machine space ship. I also can’t believe that we’re three Doctors since Tennant. After Tennant, we got Matt Smith, and then we got Peter Capaldi. I stopped watching when Capaldi came on, but now that there’s a female doctor I am interested in watching again. They took Doctor Who off Netflix, which made a lot of people frustrated but it is now available to watch on BBC America.