Lay with me music video released

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Do you ever drive around blasting the High School Musical soundtrack, singing every word? Or watch the old movies only to be just as surprised by every dramatic turn? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. We all love reliving our childhood every now and again, and we are no different from the stars we admired growing up. As seen in Vanessa Hudgens’ new music video for her song “Lay with Me” – the past Disney star misses it just as much as all of us.

Hudgens’ music video for “Lay with Me” pays tribute to her iconic childhood role as Gabriella in High School Musical. The video opens to Hudgens standing on what appears to be the exact stage from High School Musical, during the performance of “Breaking Free”, though this time there is no Troy to stand beside her. Hudgens is wearing the same white lab coat and iconic red bow in her long dark hair as she did in the movie. The camera pans from right to left to show DJs dressed as Wildcat Basketball players and a man dressed as Kelsi the piano player.

As the song progresses, one of the apparent basketball players dances closer, beginning to interact and dance with Hudgens. Hudgens then takes off her white lab coat, revealing a long fitted gold gown with a low-cut neck line. Hudgens is then joined on stage by two couples of cheerleaders and basketball players. As the two couples dance behind Hudgens, the camera pans back to the basketball players who are DJing and to the piano player, who all appear to be having a great time. The crowd is also shown, everyone is very engaged with the performance as they are all clapping their hands and jumping up and down. The focus then turns back to the basketball players, who have received a warning on their old Apple laptop reading “Warning! The_drop.mp3 OFFLINE”.

As the song slows down, Hudgens is lifted and spun in the air on her back. The focus of the film then dances between Hudgens and the other dancers and the basketball players trying to fix the .mpg file. When the file has finally been downloaded, the focus is back to Hudgens who is now wearing black lingerie and a choker, and her hair is now short. The video then becomes a full-blown celebration of sorts, with confetti and lots of dancing, while the members of the audience are dancing and making out. The video then takes an odd turn when everyone on stage begins breaking things. The video ends with the iconic red curtain closing as the audience waves glow sticks.

This video pays tribute to how Hudgens’ career began, which was with High School Musical. It is apparent that she has not forgotten where her career began and that she is still grateful for it. Though, as shown through the gold gown and black lingerie, Hudgens is no longer that same girl she was when she was a Disney actress. She has grown, matured, and broken free from who she once was; and has reclaimed her own identity as the adult artist she now embodies. Next time you listen to that High School Musical soundtrack or re-watch the movies, know that you are not alone. Because although we have all grown and matured from that time, it is still nice to visit every once in a while, even Hudgens does it.

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