Finish senior year stronger than ever

London Rivers, Courier Staff

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Senior year of college is supposed to be exciting, which it is. Yet, the motivation that I’m supposed to have in hopes of graduating soon is slowly fading away.

I often find myself just wanting to sleep all day. The energy I once had to complete assignments weeks in advance, and the study habits that used to occupy my time are almost non-existent at this point in my college experience. I keep hearing how close I am to graduation, but I still find myself not caring. Not because I don’t want to graduate, but because I’m literally just tired. The agendas that I set prior to returning home at the end of the day rarely ever get completed before I go to sleep, or should I say before I fall asleep. There have been numerous times where I wake up with papers scattered everywhere and my laptop slightly open and hanging off my bed. It feels as though I’m sprinting in a race, and right before I can get to the finish line, I stop.

Then, professors are requesting completed assignments that they’re barely teaching us how to do. With the amount of money that I pay each year, I shouldn’t be having to teach myself material that professors get paid to teach. there have been complaints about students not paying attention during their lectures because of technology. However, the real reason is not only being most of my classmates are seniors and lack the needed energy to do anything, we are just simply annoyed with the idea of having to continually teach ourselves. I have gotten all the way to my senior year of college, only to be taking classes that I have a fear of failing, because my experiences don’t match my teachings. I am being told to do things that I have no knowledge nor experience in, yet my peers wonder how I’m able to sleep with my eyes open. I am physically and mentally drained, and I’m in need of fuel because like a gas tank, I’m empty.

I don’t know where I’m going to find the need energy to finish out the year, but I know that I need find it soon. I am going to finish, because at this point I don’t necessarily have much of a choice. I have come this far and worked too hard to get left behind for actions that I have control over. My motivation should be graduating, however, not knowing my plans after graduation could be hindering my desire to finish strong. I shouldn’t be letting my fear of the unknown limit my ability to complete what I started.

So, if you’re like me and are also struggling to find the motivation and having a hard putting down the procrastination, then maybe it’s time to get out of that bed and just do it.

Enough is enough, and it’s time that we take back our lives and start utilizing the time that we won’t ever get back. When we put our mind to it, there’s nothing we can’t do, hopefully.

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