What should be required to graduate?

Kalen Stanford, Courier Staff

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General education courses should not be required in college. I believe that if you have a high school degree or a GED, you should be allowed to just take courses that pertain to your major.

A few reasons I believe this are because students are more likely to fail classes they are not interested in; the general education courses are not going to further their education in their major, and it can cut down costs of college.

As someone who has no interest in math as an English major, I do not find the math classes I take very interesting or necessary for my major. While I have not failed any general education courses in my college career thus far, I do believe it is an issue that should be thought about for future students. If you are an English major, math has absolutely nothing to do with what you are going to do in the future. The same goes for math majors, they should not be forced to take an English course that focuses on how to write papers. I honestly believe that if you have passed high school courses that are general education, you should be able to focus purely on your major in college.

The costs of college could be cut way down if students were not required to take courses that do not pertain to their major. In the first couple years of school you are typically going to take similar classes to the ones you took in high school, just a level up. This is not a great way to further education in the field the student is wanting to study. I can say it may be better for students who are not sure what they want to do yet, and for that I say the general education classes are fine but if you know what you want to do when you arrive at college, those classes are not necessary.

I believe admission could go up at colleges if you were not required to take general education courses. If students know the classes they are taking are going to further their education solely in the field they are wanting, then they will be more willing to choose the college that offers that. Costs are usually a big issue for people especially at a state university; everyone knows college is expensive, but without having general education courses be required, the costs would be lower and make it easier for future debt on students.

All in all, cutting required general education courses would be all around better for the college that proceeds with it and also for students both deciding which college to go to and deciding which major to enter into. This decision could benefit so many people in the long run; cutting down debt and raising the bar for students being able to purely focus on what they choose.

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