Campus votes on book proposal May 5

Erika Ward

 President David Dunn alerted Student Government Association  (SGA) members about an upcoming vote available on STARS regarding the referendum that Jude Kiah, director of the University Bookstore, brought to the members to the meeting on April 7.

 “Jude Kiah came and spoke about the referendum regarding the textbook system, that referendum will be moving forward,” Dunn said.  “At this point it is scheduled to take place on the fifth of May on STARS.”

 Western students are able to log on and vote either in agreement or disagreement in the forward movement of the referendum.  Kiah has proposed a textbook fee system, which would work closely with publishers to help create a flat rate for students to pay for textbooks.  The fee will be per credit hour, rather than per class.  There is no set number on the amount of the fee at this time.

 In other action, Aaron Terrile, chief of staff, is deciding on an SGA member to take a place on the committee this summer to select a new provost to take the place of Ken Hawkinson.

 “Western is in search of a new provost, so they need student representation on the provost search committee,” said Terrile.

 Esmerelda Moreno, cabinet member, also announced that the Rocky Gala hosted by SGA that took place on March 26 rose $1,630 for Teach for America.

 SGA also recognized Sze Jin Ooi as Outstanding New Senator of the Year, Jacob Tomlinson as Outstanding Senator of the Year and Esmerelda Moreno as Outstanding Cabinet Member of the Year at the Office of Student Activities (OSA) Awards.

 As the semester neared its end, SGA senators discussed final legislature for the year and the first reading for changes in the Constitution and Bylaws for the organization.

 Jacob Tomlinson, Senator At-Large, is the primary author for the changes being made to SGA’s Constitution and Bylaws.

 “Basically, I went through all of the Constitution and Bylaws (and) I saw a lot of formatting and grammar mistakes,” Tomlinson said.  “So, I took the time to fix all of those and make it look really clean and really easy to read.”

 Changes in grammar and formatting were not the only parts being amended, as Tomlinson also made changes under the obligations for the Student Member of the Board of Trustees.

 “Under the Board of Trustees duties, he doesn’t go to IBHE (Illinois Board of Higher Education) meetings, so I struck that,” Tomlinson said.  “Another clause under the duties of the Board of Trustees was redundant so I scratched that.”

 A change in the GPA requirements was also made for the vice president of SGA to have the same minimum requirement as the president.

 Attorney General Steve Wailand also made changes to the document.

 “I didn’t offer any amendments to change the Constitution besides consistency in language and terminology,” Wailand said.

 Further discussion as well as a vote will take place next week at the final SGA meeting of the semester.

 The final SGA meeting of the semester will take place next Tuesday at 7 p.m.  Members will vote on and discuss the changes and amendments proposed for SGA’s Constitution and Bylaws as well as other legislation.