Student Government Association adopts new Core Values

Marc Ramirez, News editor

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The 50th legislative session of the Student Government Association at Western Illinois University brought up dicussion to adopt a system of Core Values during Tuesday’s meeting.

Speaker of the Senate Aaron Steele authored the SGA Bill 2018-2019.001 to accept Diversity, Accountability, Accessibility and Awareness as the the new values and beliefs of the governing body.

“These aren’t decisions that I’ve made alone, or words that I just threw onto paper, these are words that the body that showed up to SGA retreat believed in,” Steele said. “So strongly that we started off with three core values, but couldn’t decide on the last one, so we decided to add a fourth one.”

As author of the bill, Steele recused himself from the chair position temporarily and allowed the Speaker Pro Tempore Joe Reinert to preside over the discussion.

The Student Government Association has existed as a governing body for 100 years and has been that of the SGA for 50. In order to analyze what they could do better based on what they’ve done in the past, Steele believes that an enactment of these morals will help continue to lead that association in a positive light.

However, Senators voiced concerns about the ramifications of adopting the core values that were presented and the actions that SGA would take following their adoption, causing the bill to be tabled until an action plan can be drafted.

“This is a big deal for us,” Steele said. “The Student Government Association has never had core values, its had a mission statement, but it’s never had any amount of core values.

This is actually a big decision so if you have questions please ask us right now.”

Steele also made it clear that it is the job of every member in the Senate to spread the awareness and to take action to showcase the values they wish to highlight and adopt. It is also every member’s responsibility to share this with their constituents and continue to strive to uphold these values.

Aside from the only bill in business, cabinet members gave their reports. Vice President Madison Lynn announced that the very first SGA Blue Light Fun Run/ Walk is quickly approaching and their are looking for volunteers to help with the event. The event has 26 members registered to run, 15 of those being FYE students. $175 has been raised and total expenditures of $435 is to cover the cost of t-shirts so far. Donations amounting to $450 have been given by both organizations on campus and those within the community.

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