There is importance behind voting

Mark Tolliver, Courier Staff

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As we begin to embark on midterm elections, let’s take a look at voting in America: the importance of voting and the voting age.

We live in a democratic society, allowing us all the opportunity to vote and voice our opinion in choosing our political leaders. As a citizen of this ‘great’ country, which I use in quotes for many reasons, it is a privilege that we are able to vote, and we should take full advantage of it. I used great in quotes because America is a good country in terms of jobs, career choices and economic supply. Yet, our country is in debt to many other countries. It is not all the time that we make sure our vulnerable populations are taken care of such as children, the elderly and war veterans. Our country is also looked down upon by other countries who are extremely stable financially. As a country, we are also working on trying to stop many epidemics that we are facing such as: gun violence, gang violence, mass shootings and the war on drugs. Besides our flaws, the US is a great country where many come to achieve the American Dream.

Voting in this current era of political divide, it is imperative to make sure we all get out and vote. When we look at our political leaders on all levels, from local to federal, we see that is indeed time for change, immediate change! The midterm elections are extremely vital; it is the time where we are able to begin to ‘reverse’ our leaders’ views. When leaders see that many citizens are seeking other candidates during the middle of their term, it will speak volumes to them.

Political officials begin to realize that they are not producing what they need to be producing for their citizens. When we see and hear leaders blatantly disregarding their office and doing things that we would’ve never imangined them doing, it’s time for change. We have leaders who are giving us one message about change and doing the total opposite. We have leaders disregarding the press and the citizens, and lacking self-respect and respect for others. When we see the highest office in the country condemning women, different religions and other groups of people, it’s time that we, as a country, come together and seek change. Voting is our chance as citizens to say enough is enough, we are fed up and we need change immediately.

Every vote matters and is a step closer to receiving change. We always talk amongst ourselves, as citizens, about how we are tired of current leaders, but we must be willing to take action. Having us come together to vote an official out of office speaks volume to us as citizens, it speaks volume to other countries and it speaks volume to that specific leader. Being voted out of your position shows that you were not adequately doing your job and we need someone who is willing to complete the task at hand.

Let us all be advocates for our country and take part in our civil duty of voting.

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